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by Marco Dalmonte

Patron of Minrothad, Patron of Hope and Prosperity
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 13 (Celestial), LG, Matter
Symbol: a four feathered arrow
Portfolio: Minrothad, patriotism, hope, wealth, prosperity, freedom
Worshipped in: Known World (Minrothad)
Appearance: a 30yrs old athletic human with black beard & moustaches, short jet-black hair tied with a leather circlet, a typical Nithian nose, tanned skin, sparkling eyes full of hope, wearing sailor's clothes and a bronze cuirass with a silvered mace tied at his belt.
LIKELY THEORY: second son of a noble Nithian family during the XII century BC, he lived a pampered existence up until teenage, when Minroth (born Seker) took the clerical vows following his father's will. So he became a priest of Maat, patroness of honour, purity and law, and he put all his strengths into serving his goddess, his pharaoh and his nation. He led a honourable and pious life, sacrificing himself for the cause of justice and order, up until his old age, when Maat put Seker in front of a difficult position: he could have chosen between leaving his position and begin a quest to improve himself and purify his soul, or staying and spending the rest of his life teaching his successor in the ways of Maat. Showing great wisdom, Seker chose both pathways and departed his city together with some young adepts, travelling towards the southern provinces and at the same time walking the first steps on the Path of the Polymath.
Only during his last incarnation he became Minroth, a valiant and heroic adventurer of the coastal region, who led a great number of Nithians southwards to settle the unexplored isles where his patroness Maat had revealed he would have found a great holy treasure. He founded Harbortown in BC 1100 and his followers gradually spread over the islands, while he became a leading figure among the settlers, inspiring them with a philosophy based on hope and greatness that later became famous as Minrothism. He revealed his followers that the Minrothad Isles were a holy site and that only the chosen ones could live here and prosper, because only here one could find the secret for eternal happiness. After Minroth's sudden disappearance (after he found the artifact he was looking for he simply left to complete his path to immortality somewhere else), the settlers started to believe he was an immortal who had chosen them to guard his sacred isles and would have returned to grant them eternal joy, so Minrothism took deep roots in all of the people living in Minrothad.
Minroth himself became an immortal of Matter in the XI century BC and later he gave big signs to his followers to strengthen his faith, which has escaped the Nithians' doom and still is the most worshipped in Minrothad, despite being confined there.
Personality: Minroth is a wise and good willing immortal, who occasionally sends indirect omens to his followers to inspire them to a peaceful cooperation. He prefers to watch over them without interfering with their lives and teaches them that the best way to happiness is self-esteem, dedication to one's work and hope. Hope's the central point of Minrothism: faithfuls must hope in a better future created by the chosen of Minroth, a life where only those who work with honesty and passion can benefit from wealth and reach true welfare.
Patron: unknown [likely: Maat]
Allies: Maat
Enemies: none
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' alignment: any; Clerics must be Lawful
Favoured weapons: mace (allowed all bludgeoning weapons and short bow)
Clerics' spells & powers: +1 bonus to Charisma, +2 bonus to ST vs mind Spells, bonus skill to choose among Orientation, Persuasion or Appraise.
Minroth's clerics can only eat, wear and use items created in the Minrothad Isles.
D&D 3E Stats:
Domains: Matter, Law, Good, Merchants
Preferred weapon: mace (light or heavy)
Sources: GAZ9, WotI