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Amboise, Viscounty of

by Michael Berry

AC 1014

392 square miles

Cherburg (700): is the administrative center of the Viscounty.

Caen (250) is a thriving community of hunters and silver miners on the Southeast part of the Vicounty.

Garotten (250) is a wine-making community on the Loir River and headquarters of the Guard de Amboise

Ethnic groups:
Averoignian 75%, Flaem 10%, Outerworlder 10%, Thyatin 3%, Other 2%.

Averoignian, Thyatin Common

Viscount Michel Leconte (born 981, M17, 4th Circle Blue Dracologist, Member of the Brotherhood of the Radiance (Brother Osanna), AL-N)


Amboise is often visited by patrols from Vyonnes by the various banners of Malachie's Division that are stationed there. The Viscounty maintains a fulltime professional guard force, The Watchers, divided into 4 squads each led by a sergeant. The Viscount uses them to patrol the northern forests and central hills of the dominion for bandits, and wandering monsters out of the north. Chateau de Amboise has its own particular defenses yet still often has a squad attached to the the estate for perimeter security. The Viscounty employs 20 sheriffs who handle basic law and order within the Viscounty.

The Watchers (40 F1, chain, shield, sword) equiped with Riding Horses are lead by Henri LeConte, the Viscount's brother (F6, plate, long sword+2, Long Bow/10 Arrows +1 and shield+2) and are stationed at a small keep near the village of Garotten southwest of the Viscountís estate.

Viscounts of Amboise
Michel LeConte 1009-

Amboise is one of the newest of Glantrian dominions, created in the last round of dominion creation by the Council of Princes to help with managing the defenses, finances, and population of Glantri, as well as balancing the numbers of nobles in the Parliment with all the Act of Enfiefment of the previous years. There had long been ideas about creating a Viscounty in the rich area of the Isoile Valley. The earlier expansions of Glantrian dominions bypassed these areas for they were hotbeds of Free Farmers (FFF) and were a proud independent lot, until the 1009 when the famous war hero, 'The Dragon of Retebius', and just as importantly an Averoignian, Baron Michel LeConte expressed an interest to the Council, in claiming this area for a Viscounty. The council told him if he could get the support of the major leaders in the area the Council would honor him and his service for Glantri by creating the Viscounty. The FFF would be his problem to deal with. Flush with joy over the victory over Alphatia and in awe of LeConte any reservations of the area leaders were put aside and they agreed to support LeConte as the new Viscount.

The years since the Viscounties creation have been good ones for the area. The Viscount himself has no interest in ruling a dominion himself but wise enough to appoint his father Gerald as his Seneshal who has proven to be a caring and thoughtful Seneshal. If the people of Amboise had one complaint it would probably be the blue dragons that often are seen over the skies over the Viscounty but so far no problem has come of them and have not attacked any of the population or caused any real problems. As time has gone by, the population has even got used to seeing blue dragons with riders on them, rumored to be some sort of Draconic Knights formed by LeConte at his Chateux.

Surplus. Food is exported to Vyonnes from there it is often sent to the western baronies who while mineral rich; suffer from lack of good agricultural production.

The Morlay-Malinbois Parkway hugs the Loir River from the Vyonnes-Glantri City trail to Malinbois and passes through Garotten, and Cherburg within the Viscounty.

Due to his good well populated geographical location, and good resources Amboise is the second richest Viscounty in Glantri (d'Ylourgne being the richest) In fact it is much better than most of those that claim higher titles. Silver and Furs provides the Barony with a fair amount of exportable goods. The area is also a prime farming and wine producing area with the Viscount's vineyards producing a dry white which has started being requested in the finest Inn's in Glantri City. Agriculture is beginning to overtake silver as the prime resource of the dominion.

Main resources: 1 animal, 1 mineral
2 hexes: hills; rural; pop. 560; tax 56 dc
2 hexes: clear; rural; pop. 2240; tax 224 dc
2 hex: wooded hill; pop. 280; tax 28 dc
1 hex: hill, river; rural; pop. 420; tax 42 dc
Total population: 3,500 villages/rural

Tax Income: 350 dc
Resource Income: 1750 dc
Standard Income: 2800 dc

Council Tax: 980 dc
Net Cash: 1120 dc
Overhead (65%): 720 dc
Available Cash: 400 dc

With 25200 XP/year, in 10 years the Viscount would gain 252,000 XP.
Alternate: 3360 XP/year

Notable sites: Chateux d'Montreux is the residence of the Viscount and his family. Vineyards and Orchards abound on the estate but the heart of the Chateux is the large Manor house where the LeConte family hosts a Ball on the day of the Vyonnes Carnival where the leading citizens of Ambois get to rub elbows with the elite of Glantri whom are invited by the Viscount to attend from all over Glantri. Also of note at the Chateux, though few actually ask to visit, are the Dragon Stables where dragons raised and trained by the Viscount since they hatched are housed. The Manor is guarded by an elite guard forces of 10 personal bodyguards (F7, Plate +1, Sword +1, Shield +1 -Spell Turning 3/d). The last line of defense in the manor is the Dragon Knights d'Ambois, mages trained by LeConte as apprentices since 1005, who have reached their own levels of power and specializations.

Another notable site that has long been a source of legend is the place known to locals as the 'Endless Stairs' in the northern forests of the Viscounty. The place is shunned by locals, as it is said that any who try to climb the stairs never come back down... alive that is. However there have been some rumors in the last year that the Viscount himself investigated a murder in that area and soon after the area was declared off-limits by the Viscount on pain of death.

Coat of Arms:
A Blue Dragon sitting on his haunches with a dragon-sized glass of wine in one 'hand' and a book in the other.

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