"You are the fairest lady in the ball. Your neck, it is so... appetizing"
Boris Gorevitch-Woszlany

"He said he will meet us in this alley, he is so mysterious and dreamy! Boy, is it just me or is this place spooky?" (Last words of a minor noble in Glantri city)

sir Boris Gorevitch-Woszlany
Brother to prince Morphail of Boldavia, socialite and diplomat, necromancer of the 3rd circle


Boris is a very handsom man. Born in 690AC Boris should have been very old, but Morphail has turned him into a vampire in 721AC making him 31 forever. Boris has short black hair,and deep black eyes with a reddish tint. He is not as tall as his brother, standing only 175 (5'10'').
He is always wearing highly fashinable clothes and is always the most noticeable male in a crowd (that is when he wnats to be noticed...) .
Unlike Morphail, Boris has no accent and will always prefer Glantrian (Thyatian) to Boldavian (Taraldaran). He has a way of always sounding witty and charming, even when he is saying very harsh things at parliament.

Attitudes & habits

Boris is a vampire, and he likes it! Boris believes that mortals are not just cattle to be fed on they are beautiful toys for him to play with.
Boris finds Boldavia boring, and almost never leaves the hustle and bustle of Glantri city. Boris follows Morphail's vampiric law to the word- he does not infect commoners and never kills when he feeds on them. In order to accumplish that in the city he has to play a game vampires like to call "the masquerade", that is making your victims believe you are a mortal while you are feeding on their sons and doughters. Boris delights at seeing how naive mortals can be. He deliberately gives blunt clues of his vamirism, and laughs at the poor victim interpreting these clues as funny quirks or fascinating cultural differences. Boris also likes to make people afraid. Realy afraid. He believes that blood tastes better when it is pumped with adrenaline, and will use magic, atmosphere and speech to make victims tremble. Boris is very smart and has brilliant charisma he prefers to use thes traits along with subtle magic to get what he wants.
Boris likes politics and intrigu very much and he is the families representative at the parliament and at the capitol in general.
Bpris thinks very highly of his brother an is aware of his strength but thinks he should "loosen up" and enjoy himself more.


Boris was the second son of the Gorevitch-Woszlanny family, a union of two of the most powerful wizard families in old Taraldara. He was always awere that he is not the hair to the families lands and title so he decided to use his situation for the best. When Igor Woszlanny, his father, has died he already had connections with all of the petty kings of Taraldara and lived in luxury going between his families estate, Marilnev and other kingdoms, leaving the burden of rule to his older brother. Morphail at that time was obsessed with his magical research and gaining power, and he neglected keeping an  eye on the changing attitudes in Taraldara.
In the early 8th century the other kingdoms of Taraldara became hostile toward old Boldavia and the Gorevitch-Woszlanys. Blaming them with dark magic and Lycanthropy. It was then when Morphail contacted Alphaks and became a vampire. When Boris returned home after being chased out of Marilnev by an angry mob, Morphail has killed him, bringing him back as a vampire. At first Boris was very angry with his situation. He locked himself in the tower and secretly began to go over Morphail's books of necromancy, looking for a cure or at least a way to break from Morphail's control. When things grew even worse in Taraldara, the entire kingdom/estate of old Boldavia had to make an exodus to the Highlands. It was after this journy that Boris has learnt to accept his situation, and as always make the best of it. In a land filled with civil war, backstabing wizards and complex politics, Boris finally found his place. He learnd to forgive his brother for making him what he is, and as time passed even thank him for it.

sir Boris's web of intrigue

Boris is a master socializer. He can appear at a party and become the main attraction and everybodies main man. He is very manipulative and tends to use every one in his complex games. Boris is aware that his brother watches over him, and he can get away with practicaly everything as long as he obeys the vampiric law.
Boris feeds on young and beotiful nobles or gentry only, and that is only after either scaring them nearly to death, or exiting them sexually. He thinks it is more "fun" that way. Boris has no preference to the gender or race of his victims. He can feed on an elven girl one night, and on a male Krondahary youth the other.
Boris knows every nook and cranny in Glantri city and where to find almost anything within it's walls.
Surprisingly Boris has very few enemies of his own. Most of his families enemys see him as just a represetative of Morphail. (the Mcgregors and the dAmbervilles are the most obvious examples).
Boris has two vampiric pawns of his own. Both reside in the Gorevitch-Woszlany's manor in the city (as does Boris most of the time).
Nina Hasskinz (vampire 7HD) is Harald of Haaskinz's niece. She was just starting out in the GSoM (no magic skills yet) when she was envited to Boris's manor for tea. Boris has used his wolfs and magic to make Nina so afraid she passed out. Than Boris drank her blood till exhaustion and turned her into a vampire. Nina never leaves the manor. Boris plans to use her against prince Harald someday.
Marco di Mamasercha (vampire 7HD) is a distant relative of the di Malapietra family. He looks only 11 years old, as that is the age he was turned to a vampire by Boris. Boris feeds him with commoners he finds in the city at night mostly lost children. For some unknown reason he hides the existence of this vampire-child from the knowledge of the rest of the family.

Statistics and the style of magic

M18 St 18, In17, Wis15, Dx15, Co8, Ch18  Chaotic (NE in AD&D) (Necromancer of the 3ed circle)

Boris is a powerful vampire, although not as powerful as Morphail. He has all the powers of Morpahil's bloodline .
Boris is not all that interested in necromancy. He has studied necromancy up to the third circle in order to find a cure for his condition at first, and after that as a means of protection against Morpahil and undead for practicle reasons. Boris does not use the "Creat Undead" power.
Boris is espcailly fond of illusion magic and uses it whenever possible. Boris will prefer avoiding from battle (even magic duels). If he has to fight he will use one of the more mundane combat spells (such as lightning bolt) and than try to use his vampiric powers to get out of battle. Of course, that doesnt mean people could just attack him and expect him to flee. Boris will hit his attackers back when they are most voulnereble and where it hurts most (like assassinating their family in their sleep, or making vampires of their children).
Boris has most of the spells in Morpahil's spellbook   upto 7th level, as well as: Hallucinatory Terrain and Mirror Image and not including Morphail's original spells part from Mundane Reflection That was taught to him by Morphail in his early career.
Boris has created a spell that is a version of Hallucinatory Terrain combined with Fear.

Boris's Fearful Zone

Level: 4
Range: 50 meters (150')
Duration: 1 turn per level
AoE: upto 4 persons in an area of 100x100 meters (300x300 feet)

This spell can be cast on 1-4 people within range. All victims  are allowed a saving throw against spells with a penalty of 2 to negate the affects of the spell. This spell will cause all affected to believe in an illusion affecting the area around them. This illusion effects sight and sound and will cause the area to be bizzar and frightning. The effects can differ according to the casters will.
A city at night can suddenly become empty and cold without a sole in sight, or a river could be filled with blood instead of water, or rats can be flooding the earth all around. This illusion is so real that it makes the victim freeze in its place not able to leave the spell's area of effect. The victim cant concentrate and has a -3 to all attacks and saves.
This spell is usually used in non combat situations in order to tourment inocent victims.

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