Fleamish Spells

This are a few fire based (pyromancy) spells developed by the Fleams over the years.

Pyramid of Fire
Level: 5
Range: 5 meters per level
Duration: 20 turns or until dispelled
AoE: a pyramid made of flame, base 5x5 meters, height 5 meters.

This spell can be cast around objects or living beings. Any being (s) caught inside the pyramid suffers no damage from heat, but he/she/they try to get out through the pyramids walls, they will suffer 6d6 points of damage from magical fire (save for half). Creatures trying to go through the pyramids walls from the outside will suffer 10d6 points of damage (save for half). Spells can be cast through either side of the pyramid but visibility is impossible with normal vision.
This spell can be used as a trap, a cage or as protection for a fire immune mage.

Fire Implosion

Level: 2
Range: 40 meters
Duration: instantaneous
AoE: an imploding ball of fire 12 meters in diameter

This is a reversed and weaker version of fireball. The center of the implosion must be centered on one creature who will suffer regular damage (1d6 per level of caster up to 20, save for half) all others within the implosion suffer only 1d6 points of damage. In addition the spell will extinguish any fire that was burning in the spells AoE, rubbing it from it's air supply.

Wilhelmine's Disks of Flame

Level: 2
Range: 50 meters
Duration: 6 turns
AoE: one flaming sphere per 3 levels

This is a spell that simulates the effect of magic missile to some extent.
When this spell is cast, flaming spheres 30cms (1') in diameter appear next to the caster and hover around her when she walks. One sphere is created for every 3 levels of the caster (1 at level 3, 2 at level 6 and so on...12 in level 36).
the caster can hurl up to two spheres (one disk per hand) per round at any victim in range and they will automatically hit. Even if the victim is around a corner or behind a tree, the disks will hit if the caster knows the exact location of the target. The spheres can be hurled at one or two targets, as desired. Each sphere does 1d6 points of damage instantaneously (no save), and then ignite again the following round, delivering an additional 1d6 (save to negate damage).

See Through Fire

Level :1
Range: 0 (caster only)
Duration: concentration
AoE: caster sees through fire

This spell allows the caster to see through fires and as if they were normal air. It will allow normal sight through Wall of Fire or Pyramid of Fire (see above) spells. It also negates the blindness caused by light or continual light spells.

Ignite Stone

Level: 3
Range: touch
Duration: 3 rounds
AoE: a mass of stone not larger than 3x3x3 meters

This spell will cause otherwise unflamable rock to burst into flames. The flames cause 1d6 points of damage per round if touched, and burns for 3 rounds. And after those 3 rounds the rock crumbles into dust. This is highly effective against castle walls. If cast against magical walls or rock based life forms, the target receives a save versus spells to avoid the disintegration .

Garnarr's Uncontrollable Forest Fire

Level: 9
Range: 10 meters (30')
Duration: special (see below)
AoE: one tree within range (and see below)

This is an ancient spell used in the wars of the Fleams against the elves. After the wars ended the spell was forgotten, only to e found again by Garnarr Verlien, a Fleamish noble and arch mage.
This spell when cast on a tree causes it to ignite in magical Fleams in a matter of seconds. The fire passes on to every tree close to the first one as if it was a normal fire. This fire cannot be extinguished by anything. The fire is undispellable, and cannot be fought with water or sand. The fire cannot even be stopped by denying it of its air supply. Even after the tree doesn't have anything left to burn within it, the fire keeps on burning for 10 hours more. The only way to stop the magical forest fire from spreading is engulfing it with a regular fire that will burn the trees it needs to expand. The fire will also stop when it cannot expand anymore, like being blocked by a river or a road. IN any case the fire will keep on burning for an extra 10 hours even when there is nothing left to be burned.

Sun Fury

Level: 6
Range : 350 meters (1000')
Duration: instantaneous
AoE: one ray of fire, one target

This ancient Fleamish war spell is designed to kill leaders of an opposing army.
When cast, a ray of magical fires shoots at a target, apparently coming from the sun. The ray automatically hits and delivers 15d6 points of damage. Target gets a saving throw with a -2 penalty for half damage. This spell only works in open grounds and during day light.


Level: 1
Range: 100 meters (300') upwards from caster
Duration: 2 rounds
AoE: one explosion of light and color, no greater than 20 (7') meters in radius.

This spell creates a firework that shoots from the caster's location straight up. The color of the firework is up to the caster and can be as flamboyant or as simple as wished. The firework also emits a loud boom, heard for up to a mile.
This spells has many and varied uses.

Finger of Flame

Level: 1
Duration: 1 round per level
Range: 0 (caster only)
AoE: changes the caster finger tip into a flame

This spell creates a small hot flame, instead of one of the casters fingertips. This flame can ignite whatever the caster touches (if its flammable) the flame also produces the effect of a half sized light spell. The flame itself does no damage to the caster or whomever he touches.


Level: 3
Range: touch or caster himself
Duration: 1 hour
AoE: one fire source shows subjects thoughts

When this spell is cast next to an open fire, the subject's thoughts are presented as pictures made from colored flames inside the fire. If the subject doesn't want his thoughts tapped by the fire, he/she is entitled to a saving through against spells.

Garnarr's Sauna Heat

Level: 2
Range: 20 meters
Duration: 12 hours
AoE: one room

This spell is a version of the Climate spell. It makes a room temperature to rise to that of a sauna and the air to become moist. This spell is very popular among the nobles of northern Glantri.

Vanserie's Flaming Exit
Level: 8
Range: 0 (caster only) and same plane (see below)
Duration: instantaneous
AoE: caster
Save: half damage

This spell is known by high leveled Fleamish nobles but has also been used by non- Flaems and non- Glantrians in the past. It was invented by Vanserie Vlaardoen the eighth (grand grandfather of the current prince). It is actually a combination of two "common" spells.

The spell is often used as the last resort, when the wizard has to abandon the battle site.
When cast the spell has the effect of "teleport without error" affecting the caster, only the remaining enemies receive a special "gift" from the aborting caster- a full strength fireball explodes centering on the previous location of the caster.
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