"So you think you know what pain is? I will make you wish for the pain you knew before!"
Mikhail Gorevitch-Woszlany to a thief  making the mistake of entering the tower of Igorov.

"Hurt not the gifted brother, or our pact will be broken in the most horrible way imaginable!" Alphaks the Roaring Demon to Morphail Gorevits-Woszlany

sir Mikhail Gorevitch-Woszlany
Sadistic psichopath
Brother to prince Morphail of Boldavia


Mikhail appears to be a young man aging about 20. Mikhail has short wavy dark brown hair which most of the time is very disordered. He has a short beard and mustache. Mikhails eyes are brown but, some of the time they seem very red. When Mikhail looks you in the eye it is a very disturbing thing to see.
Mikhail wears old Taraldaran garments that are sometimes stained with blood. He always has a curved slaughtering knife stuck in his belt.
Mikhail radiates fear wherever he goes, not only because of his mad appearence but also an unworldly  atmosphere that surronds him in a most disturbing manner.

Attitudes & habits

Mikhail is driven by hate. Hate of the world, hate of his family, hate of himself. Mikhail truly beleives that all beings on Myatara should suffer greatly, for everyone is a sinner and everyone is evil.
Milhail is sadistic and relishes in causing pane to mortals (and undead!) when he captures them.
Mikhail loves to feed on mortals and often gets into a frenxy when he does. This often causes victims to die and rise as vampires. Mikhail likes to see his brother systematicaly destroying these "illegal" undead.
Mikhail scorns his brother for "being ashamed of what he is" he thinks vampires should rise up and rull mortals creating strife and anarchy all over the world.
Mikhail is aware that for some reason Morphail keeps him alive, and even saves him from truble from time to time. Mikhail wants to see just how far he can stretch Morphail's limits.
What he would like most of all, is to be sent to Glantri city, and be master of crime and the underworld. That would be the last thing Morphail allows. Mikhail is considering the outcome of Morphail's destruction, but he hasnt reached any conclusions yet.


Mikhail was the youngest son of the Gorevits Woszlany family. Born in 701AC Mikhail was mostly ignored by his parents because of his lack of magical potential. Mikhail growing up had some dealings with the local thiefs guild, but was never an outrite criminal. He was just a medievil punk.
By the time he was 18 he got to see both his parents die, and his older brothers being either away (Boris) or obssessed with research (Morphail). The only member of his family whom he related to was his sister Tatyana but they didnt have much in common. Mikhail was a wild and spoiled teenager, but he never was as insane or sadistic as he is now.
In AC720 when Morphail has attaiened his vampiric condition and killed Tatyana and Mikhail, something very weird has happened to Mikhail. Instead of rising from his grave in human form, Milkhail burst out as a huge black wolf and started attacking the nearby villagers. Morphail, not understanding what has gone wrong tried to get hold of his brother in the village. Meanwhile the local priest of Petra tried to turn Mikhail. Morphail created a Wyvern to attck the villagers, grabbed his brother and fled.
During and after the exodus to the Highlands, Morphail has tried to figure how to make Mikahil "sane" again. After communicating with Alphaks, Morphail realized that the Roaring Demon has some dark purpose for Mikhail and that he should leave him the way he is.
Ever since Mikhail, has terrorized Boldavia, unknowingly enjoying immortal supervision.

Friends and foes

Mikhail has abseloutly no freinds. The only one who doesn't completely hate him is his sister Tatyana, and she dears him very much.
However, Mikhail can rely on his Brother's protection to some extent, he doesnt know exactly why, and considers this Morphails weakness.
Mikhail doesnt know who or what is Alphaks, but he once talked to him in a dream (during the daysleep) and as he woke up found an "Evil Coal" in his coffin. He carries it all the time.


Thief16 St 19, In14, Wis8, Dx17, Co16, Ch7  Chaotic (Chaotic Evil in AD&D)

Mikhail has all the powers of Morpahil's bloodline , and all the powers of a 16 level thief.

Mikhail has one of "Morphail's Evil Coal"s (not included in Morphail's four).
That coal was given to him by Alphaks himself, without the knowledge of Morphail.
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