"You are the fairest lady in the ball. Your neck, it is so... appetizing"
Boris Gorevitch-Woszlany

"He said he will meet us in this alley, he is so mysterious and dreamy!" (Prince Urmahid Kringaar about lady Sinaria)

Lady Sinaria Verlien
The Countess of High Sonden and a Fire Elementalist of the 5th Circle


Lady Sinaria is an important noble and her appearence reflects that. She
is in her late 70's but uses magic to give her an early 50's look.
Sinaria has common Flaemish coloration of hair and skin. She has a very
tight hairdo that is tied on top of her head. Her hair has some grey
tints, but these only enrich the golden-red color.
 Sinaria is tall and has a commanding posture. She usually wears
traditional Flaemish wizard robes of gold and red, with tastefully small
jewlery. She wouldn't be caught dead in adventrures garb.
 Sinaria has a very deep voice but it is still feminine.

Attitudes & habits

Sinaria is very nationalistic person. She is confident of Flaemish
superiority, and the old traditions of the Magocracy. Sinaria feels that
the country is going downhill with the introduction of alien elements
such as technology and (Rad forbid) religion. Sinaria also feels that she
should get Glantri rid of the despised Kronadaharians, especially the
Virayana family.
 Sinaria is going out of her way trying to find out about the
Radiance. Not only does she covet its power, she also thinks it is the
peak of magical research and the Flaemish tradition.
 Lady Sinaria thinks that she is ought to be a princess, but she
is loyal to the Vlaardoens and she doesn't want to dethrone them. She is
planning to take over some other princapality, preferably Krondahar or


Lady Sinaria has a descended from a very old and powerful Flaemish noble
family. Her father Garnaar Verlien (M34) was one of the strongest wizards
in Glantri's history, as well as a cousin of lady Wilhelmine -prince
Vanserie's wife. She was the only child of the family, and an apt wizard
in her own right. When she was studying in the Great School of Magic, her
fathers magic experiments blew up the tower of High Sonden in a terrible
magical firestorm (959AC). The tower and most buildings around it were
destroyed and hundreds of people died, including Sinaria's (mundaner)
 After Sinaria's graduation she returned to her dominion and
ordered the rebuiding of the tower. Her orders were to reconstruct the
tower exactly the way it was before, brick by brick.

Lady Sinaria's web of intrigue

Countess Sinaria is well connected with all of the strong Flaemish
families. She is also friend of the neighboring von Drachenfelses. After
Vanserie's demise, lady Sinaria has taken the control of both the
Followers of Fire and the Mastery of the Fire Elementalists.  This gives
her a tremendus political power in Bergdhoven and at the capital. She is
also one of the main professors in the Great School of Magic, giving
lectures on fire magic, sound magic and the outer planes.
 Lady Sinaria has an exceptionally loyal and well trained personal
guard with numbers exceeding the basic needs of her tower. She has
created rings of fire resistance for all of them (a tremendous effort) in
order to give them an edge in a battlefield bombarded with magic --
probably her magic...
 Sinaria is very suspicious of sir Anton Vlaardoen (Vanseries
brother). She knows sir Anton well from their years in school together,
they even had an affair. She finds that sir Anton has been acting weirdly
the last few years.
 Sinaria is not married and never has (she feels that it is a
non-Flaemish custom) but she has three children from two different
Flaemish nobles.
 Her eldest son, sir Pieter (age 38 M12 3rd circle Fire
Elemntalist) is married to Savena (age 33 M5), and has four children. Sir
Pieter is the declared heir to the county.
 The older daughter, lady Visantia (age 34 M9 2nd circle Fire
Elementalist) is married to the mayor of Kopstar and lives there. She is
a mother to six children.
 The younger daughter is Andora (age 32 M4), she lives in the
Glantri City. Andora has married a Boldavian wizard to her mothers
dismay. Her husband, lord Mikhail Zirchevski (age 29 M15 3rd circle White
Dracologist) is not even a noble! Lady Sinaria takes comfort on that he
is at least a powerful wizard and that he has given her the most gifted
of her granchildren.
 Katya is only 11 years old and she has reached the 6th level. She
is the current wiz-kid of the Great School. The Master of the school
Harald is extatic about this girl, and has great dreams for her. This
kind of prodigy is seconed only to sir Angus McGregor, whom Harald
 Lady Sinaria has many enemies. The Virayana family has declared
war on Sinaria ever since she captured and tortured lord Rejladan
Virayana. They will try to veto every vote she makes at parlament. Both
elven clans correctly claim her a racist.

Statistics and the style of magic

Lady Sinaria in GAZ3, 1000 AC.
M21 St 12, In17, Wis11, Dx12, Co12, Ch 8  Chaotic (Fire Elementalist of
the 4th circle)

Lady Sinaria in 1014 AC.
M26 St12, In17, Wis11, Dx12, Co12, Ch 8 Lawful Evil (Fire Elementalist of
the 5th circle)

Sinaria is well versed in all fire based and circles*. She knows the
Vanserie's Flaming Exit   spell.
 She is also the creator of a series of spells based on magical soundwaves called Sinaria's Soundwaves of Power. As she is currently teaching the lower forms of these at the Great School, many wizards know these spells by now.
 In battle lady Sinaria will try to avoid fighting herself. If possible, she will always use Conjure Elemental, Minor Conjuration or Major Conjuration.
She is very good at concentration and therefore prefers her elementals to do the job for her.
Lady Sinaria will use Metamorphosis only as a last resort (she has never used it to this date).
 Sinaria also has spells Gate and Travel and she is well aquaintanced with many outer planes, as well as with specific locations in the plane of fire.
 Sinaria has a powerful artifact she keeps very secret. It is the
historical Crown of Halzunthram. She aquired it during a venture to the
outer planes and is corrently studying it's powers. The Crown is far more
important than its historical value. Halzunthram has enchanted it with
many powers.
 The powers Sinaria is currently aware of are:

  1. Protection AC 0.
  2. Gives Fly ability on command.
  3. Teleport self once per day.
  4. Detect Magic constantly.
  5. Leadership - improves troops morale.
 The powers Sinaria doesn't know yet are:
  1. Summons a greater Djinni for one task every year.
  2. The crown has an Invisible Stalker bound to it all the
  times. The stalker can be released from the Crown with a
  command word, and given instructions as per the
  spell. If the Invisible Stalker is killed somehow it is
  not released, it simply returns to the crown.
  3. Some of Halzunthrams spirit is still in the Crown. The
  spirit will cause a person that wears the crown to be
  Geased into trying to take over Glantri as king or queen.
  Sinaria hasn't worn the crown yet. She is a very careful
  person and tries to learn all she can about it first.

* I am using circles as spells. Protection from Element is 2ed level,
Minor Conjuration is 4th, Major Conjuration is 6th, Full Elemental
Control is 7th and Metamorphosis is 9th.

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