Swords of Alhambra
by Ohad "Morphail" Shaham

. . .This hall is the biggest one you have seen in the castle yet. You hear a loud, strange noise that wasn't heard from the other side of the door. As you advance through the strange machines and lab equipment that fills this place the noise grows stronger and pulses through your skull. It sounds at first like pulsing squeaks and whistles, then swells to sound like something from another world. At last, you see her; she looks so different in this common browm leather suit, yet something in her proud posture and that beautiful vivid hair ensures that this is her and no other: the princess. She is commanding the forces that swirl around her, she is dancing, she is chanting. . .everything in her voice, her moves, the air around her, just shouts magic.

The whole room fills with her presence as she turns, not noticing you, nor even caring for your existence. In a platform above her you notice the three dueñas from yesterday, dressed in gowns of deep green and flaming red. They recite ancient command words into the thickening atmosphere of the room. One's voice is sweet, the other's hoarse and the third like that of an angel. Their voices all meld into one, completing the princess's lead into a full harmony of magical incantation. The princess's voice grows stronger as she becomes one with her art. All things mundane lose their significance, their reality. The princess glows in a shimmering white light which encapsulates all colors and yet none. No longer a part of the material world, magic springs forth from her fingertips to fill the secured vaults of the hall. You start having doubts. How can she help you in your great quest, as she, like all true archmages, is not completely. . .sane.

As the horribly beautiful voices die out, one of the vaults opens slowly and without a sound. A shimmering silver sword sparkles in the dim light. "This one is the thirteenth," says the princess from behind you. She is dressed in the finest black Belcadiz lace, her magnificent hair arranged in a way that should have take hours to finish. "Take it and leave now. A carriage is waiting to take you back to Satolas. Hurry, there isn't much time..."

Swords of Alhambra

These specially-designed Belcadiz rapiers are made of pure silver mined in the Colossus Mountains. In the hilt of each weapon is embeded a small, perfectly triangular piece of jade which always emits a soft greenish light. There are three series of such swords. The common power to all of them is that all the swords in a series are magically linked to the first sword of that series. In each series the holders of the different swords can send telpathic messages to the holder of the first, no matter what their distance (so long they're on the same plane). The first sword's owner can magically know, by concentrating, the exact location of all swords in the series and the general condition of their current owners (for example: well, wounded, or dead). The three series are:

Swords of the Guard

These were made especially for Princess Carnelia's private guard. The first sword of this series is held by the Captain of the Guard and the other 27 are held by the senior members of the guard (the ones with the most seniority). These are rapiers +1/+2 versus humanoids and lycanthropes. Once per day, the owners of the regular swords may cast Light (as per the wizard spell) through the jade embedded in the sword. The owner of the first Sword of the Guard can cast Continual Light instead, and summon an Icestorm of 8d6 damage three times per week.

Swords of La Centinela

This series was made by the wizard princess as a sign of appreciation to La Centinela and as a tool used to help these heroes defeat evil. There are 30 such swords, the first one held by the Precept himself (herself?) and the others by various brothers and sisters depending on thier assignment. These are rapiers +1/+3 versus undead. The regular swords can cast Cure Light Wounds (as per the clerical spell), once per day. The Precept's sword has these powers and can also cast Know Alignment three times a day and Lore once per week.

Swords of the Sisters

The existence of these swords is not known to anyone but the holders of the swords. These four swords are for use by Princess Carnelia and her Dueñas alone. Any other being touching a Sword of the Sisters will suffer immdiate electrical damage of 3d6 points and be forced to drop the sword. These swords can shrink to a size of a tiny knife and grow back to full size on command, so they can be easily hidden. Each sword is a +3 weapon. Each sword can cast Word of Recall (as in the clerical spell) once per week and has the effect of Protection from Normal Missiles on the owner's body constantly. The princesa's blade is also +5 against humanoids, and can cause double damage on a natural roll greater than 17. Carnelia always hides this magical blade somewhere on her person, or has a Summon Object spell handy at all times.


This material copyright 1999 Ohad Shaham, based on material copyright TSR, Inc. All rights reservd. Used by permission.

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