"Hurry, hide in this coffin, don't let my brothers find you."
Tatyana Gorevitch-Woszlany

"Je suis sur que la Putain de Boldavie a mon
Claude! " (Camille dAmberville saying that she is sure the "Boldavian whore" has her grandson)

lady Tatyana Gorevitch-Woszlany
Sister to prince Morphail of Boldavia


Tatyana used to be a very beautiful and vibrant young woman. She is still very preety but her "death" has taken with it all of the joy she once radiated to her surrounding. Tatyana was born in 695AC and was killed by Morohail in 720AC which froze her as a young woman in her mid twenties. She is a fairly high woman about 1.75cm (5'10") but she seems to contract at the sight of mortals, making her look much smaller and not as impressive. She has sholder lengthed blond hair she does not arrange in any fashion, and blue-grey eyes that seem to possess no spark or vitality. Tatyana wears fine Boldavian gowns although some of them are almost a century old, and are practicaly falling apart. In occasions when she has to show herself in public (which hapens rarly) she will wear whatever her maids in waiting will tell her to. She cares not about what people will think of how she looks.

Attitudes & habits

Tatyana is a very unique undead. She hates being a vampire and has a high apritiation of life. Tatyana does not pray upon humans, as she has found a way to nurish on animals (see below). Tatyana is traped in a horible condition. She has realized that there is no way for her to return back to life, but she can't put an end to her "unlife". The reason for this is that her despised brother told her what happens to vampires when they "die", something called "the Red Death". Tatyana knows that her brother is telling the truth. Tatyana is secretly trying to find a way to destroy the Boldavian Bloodline. She dares not confront Morphail or Boris in battle for she knows there superior powers. Tatyana can stay in the sun for an hour without being damaged. She is often found looking at the sun, biting her lips with pain. She also tries to lose herslef in magical research, which sometimes help in forgetting her situation.
Tatyana will try to save mortals that end up in the tower of Igorov. She can't intervene when her Brother's are actually feeding, but will try to set victims free when she thinks nobody is seeing. Morphail usualy sees everything.


Tatyana was once a happy and popular noble girl. She was very romantic and intelligent and was well read. She learned magic from her parents (especially from her mother Anya Gorevits ) and enjoyed it very much. She was supposed to be married to the petty king of Demetrov, but than everything changed when Morphail has made a pact with darkness. The night after Morphail turned into a vampire he killed Tatyana and Mikhail making them vampires under his control. Tatyana had almost lost her mind when she realized what she became. In a fit of rage she tried to kill Morphail but found she cannot harm him. Frustrated she tried to "kill" herself by exposure to the sun. Minutes before sunrise Morphail found her on the castle's roof and forced her down. He than told her about the "Red Death" something horrible that happens to vampires when they die for a second time. A few months later in 721AC the Gorevits- Woszlany's had to flee Taraldara, facing a coalition of the other small kingdoms. Tatyana, refusing to leave the ancestral lands (and secretly wanting to be captured by the enemy), was nailed shut in her coffin and carried with the families caravan. 
In the highlands, Tatyana has confined her self to the tower, taking only short trips to feed on the peasents. In the early 800's Tatyana has found a way to feed on animals alone using a spell she designed for that purpose (see below).
All was changed when she saw Claude d'Amberville. In 995AC there was a huge ball in the capitol that was very important for the Gorevits Woszlannys. It was hosted by Carnelia de Belcadiz and she insisted that Boris should bring the prince and their "charming" sister (what was her name again?). Carnelia specified that if they wouldn't come she will be "extreamly offended"- meaning she would vote against house Igorov at a crucial voting. Boris convinced Morphail that it would be a must to frag Tatyana to that ball, even if it meant locking her in the coffin again.
After threats ("there will be lots of commoner blood spilled if you wont attend") and persuasions ("I am the master of undeath, you WILL go to the ball!"), Tatayana agread to go.
That evening Tatyana went around the many rooms of the Alhambra mansion, unnoticed by the other nolbles who had more important and interesting people to meet. Reaching a stylish veranda she noticed a young noble looking depressed and watching the street.
She introduced herself. Claude d'Amberville was at first starteled by that woman who made no sound coming from behind him, but after that he became facinated with her sad eyes, which seemed always to avoid strate eye contact. Tatayana asked Claude why did he look so sad. Soon Claude confessed to Tatyana all of his feelings about his cursed family, about his father who was never there and about how he feels he never "belongs". Tatyana fealt she had much in common with this handsom troubled man, but she knew they could never be together. Feeling the blood coursing through her veins and the dark desire to feed she turned back and ran not hearing Claud's plea's for her to stay. She climbed a tower turned into a bat and flyed as far as she can, than turning into a wolf, and cried at the moon. Minutes before sunrise, she was found by Morphail, who teleported them to Igorov.
Tatyana turned her attention to magic now. She had to find a way to make that mortal love her. Really love her, the way she loved him. After a year of trying she found a way to make her vampiric charm power into a love spell called Tatyana's Droplet of Blood (see below). She than sent a letter to Claude inviting him to meet her in disguise in a tavern in Rymskigrad. Claude knowing he has to be there on time has asked his grandmother Camille, the only member of his family whom he trusted to teleport him to Boldavia. Camille being on one of her senile periods gladly did what he asked (and by pure luck got him to where he wanted to go). Later as her mind settled she realized the consequences of what she has done and didnt forgive herself to this day.
In Rymskygrad, Tatyana has slipped a droplet of her blood to Clauds drink. Tatyana was not aware that Ettiene dAmberville has cast powerful protective magics on his sons. And actualy, Claude was never affected. Nevertheless,  Claude and Tatyana confessed their mutual love to each other. Tatyana wanted to run away with Claude but realized that it wont be posibble, as Morphail has warned her repetedly in the past of the consequences of such an act. Their only hope was to stay in Igorov together. But the only way to do that and escape Morphail's domination is for Tatyana to drink Clauds blood and make him a vampire. The idea was actually Claud's and Tatyana declined at first, but soon realized that if she would not kill her loved one, one of her brothers would.
From than on the two "live" together in Tatyana's chambers in Igorov. They are secretly seeking ways to find a cure for vampirism, to find more vampires who want to end their situation, and to save mortals from being victims of vampirism and vampiric feeding. They have not succeeded yet in any of these goals, but they have eternity for trying.

Friends and foes

Tatyana's only freind in the world is her lover Claude d'Amberville (fighter10, HD7vampire, N). She tries to find more vampires who will join her in her quests (see above) bit to no avail.
Tatyana has earned the enmity of house Sylair, because some of them blame her for ubducting thier sun. Claude hates his family, and advises Tatyana to keep away from those Lunatics. Tatyana is not aware that Lycanthropy is so widespread among Averoignian nobles. Claude keeps that as a secret, as he does not want to talk about it.
Tatyana hates all of her brothers. She hates Morphail for what he has done to her and the world. She hates Boris for not standing up to Morphail and for being the scoundrel that he is.Tatyana hates what Mikhail has become but she also pitties him, feeling that he was once a good man, but when he became a vampire something snapped in his mind. Tatyana does know however to keep away from Mikhail in his current condition.

Statistics and the style of magic

Tatyana doesnt care about combat magic as she always avoids combat. Tatyana is reluctant to study necromancy, as she feals it is a forbidden  and evil science. In the past years though, she is tring to find anti-undead spells like the first circle "protection form undead and a spell that will rid her of vampirism. She is very close to find the first one but doesnt have a clue about the seconed. Tatyana casts her spell in the most non- flashy way possible.

M12 St 16, In16, Wis10, Dx17, Co10, Ch9  Neutral (Chaotic Good in AD&D)

Tatyana has all the powers of Morpahil's bloodline .
Tatyana's Feed on the Beast

Level: 3
Range: touch
Duration: 1 hour or untill animal's death (see below)
AoE: one non magical normal animal bigger than a cat.

This weird and frightning spell is Tatyana's way of avoiding hurting innocent poeple. When this spell is cast on an animal at night (the animal has to be touched), the animal turns in to a beutiful human of the animals gender. The animal gets no saving throw, and the resulting human has the same scores in intelligence and wisdom as the animal (1 or 2 usually). This "human" can be fed on by vampires as if it was real.
There are two problems with this spell.
1. The creature must be killed in the time of the spells duration, or else it will become a mindless werebeast (or beastwere in AD&D).
2. After its death the creature will stay in human form as a corps. This corps must be burried or hid in some way for obvious reasons.

Tatyana's Droplet of Blood

Level: 2
Range: 1km per level of caster
Duration: until dispelled
AoE: one person
 This is Lady Tatyana Gorevits-Woszlany's (Morphail's sister) to the Charm Person spell.
This requires a drop of blood from the caster to be consumed in some way by the target. If the target swallows the blood he/she should throw a save against spells at -2 penalty or fall madly in love with the caster (gender is not an issue).

The charmed target gets no additional saves and will remain in love until killed, attacked by the caster or gets in mortal danger because of the caster.

This spell is dispelled normally.
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