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Moulins, Free Province of

by Michael Berry


AC 1014

AC 1000 – 2,016 sq. miles (324 sq. miles borderland)
AC 1014 - 2,352 sq. miles (1,064 sq. miles borderlands)

Population: (borderland population density 5 per sq. mile, +50% for river)
AC 1000 - 12,952
AC 1014 – 14,445

Ethnic Groups:
AC1000: Averoignian 77%, Flaem 10%, Thyatin 3%, Boldavian 3%, Kerendian 2%, Sindhi 2%, Lupin 2%, Other 1%
AC 1014: Averoignian 62%, Flaem 12%, Sindhi 8%, Thyatin 4%, Kerendian 4%, Boldavian 4%, Kaelic 2%, Lupin 2%, Wendarian Human 1%, Other 1%

Selected Towns: (population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014)
Moulins: (1500/2500)

Selected Villages:
Châtillon (500) is a farming village and caravan way station located approximately 24 miles northeast of the Tower of Sherlin.

Castelmezzano (400) is a quaint mountain side village sitting in the small mountainous area between the borders of the dominions of Nandin and d’Ylourgne.

Ravanna (250) is newly constructed village some 16 miles to the northwest of the Tower of Nandin. It was built and settled by a recent large group of Sindhi ‘refugees’ from the Peshmir province.

Propraetor appointed by the Council of Princes, for seven year renewable terms. Seat in Moulins.

AC 1000: Propraetor Jean Michel Jarre (born AC 938, NM, AL-L) Appointed in AC 982. Retired AC 1008
AC 1014: Propraetor Bradana Pottinger (born 967, M12, AL- L) Appointed in 1008.


The Moulins Free Province (MFP) once had very strong economic and cultural ties to House Sylaire. With the passing of time and expansion to the west and growing diversity of the provinces population, as well as the reduced strategic and economic importance of the MFP, those ties have weakened significantly over the last decade.

The MFP consists generally of the lands between the western Glantrian border and New Averoigne. It is bounded on the north and south by the Free Provinces of The Black Mountains and The West End (formally Sablestone) respectively. The area and population of the MFP have increased with the annexation of the western borderlands up to the Adri Varma Plateau. Even so some in Glantri City have even called for the elimination of the MFP and the divvying up of its land to the MFP’s neighboring Free Provinces. However when word leaked of the motion before the Council of Princes to do just that, the Konsortion of Glantrian Bureaucrats (KGB) made clear that if the MFP were eliminated, and its members positions were eliminated through downsizing that they would strongly oppose such a measure. Indirect, discreet promises of work stoppages, strikes, general inefficacy in revenue collection, and in providing internal security finally put the motion on indefinite hold at least for the near future.


Only two trails of any note and length runs through the MFP. The first is a short section of the Sablestone-Vyonnes road which runs in short sections in the MFP; between Moulins and the border with New Averoigne, and between d’Ylourgne and Nandin. While trade and travel between Vyonnes and the Sablestone region has increased greatly in the last decade the Council has not seen fit to improve the trail leading west yet. It is rated as a fair trail by Glantrian AAA (GAAA).

The second is a poor trail, as rated by the GAAA, which enters the MFP at the border with d’Ylourgne and meanders to the north before crossing into the Black Mountains Free Province. Even with the explosion in trade and traffic with Wendar in the last decade very little traffic uses this trail as most caravans use the newly improved, and shorter, route running through Morlay-Malinbois. Only traders traveling between Sind and Wendar or the rare Sablestone caravan use this path to the north.

The swift and shallow thus unnavigable Sablestone and Walken rivers flow through the MFP before meeting and becoming the Isoile within the Barony of Sherlin. The rivers serve more as a source of needed water for the far western lands than sources of transportation. The Isoile River is also unnavigable downriver till it reaches Moulins. While the Isoile is unnavigable to large ship traffic above Vyonnes, river boat traffic can be handled on the Isoile River between Vyonnes and Moulins.

The MPF’s wealth is concentrated in its eastern, and most densely populated, areas along the Isoile River between the town of Moulins and New Averoigne. Nearly 50% of its population lives in this area which accounts for only 7% of the MFP’s territory. In this fertile and populous area a large variety of food and wine is produced along with large and high quality animal furs and pelts. The rest of the MFP is largely unproductive and consists of sustenance farming and businesses catering to the caravan trade, and life largely is very frontier in nature and the inhabitants of the MPF’s western areas are very individualistic and self sufficient. The soil is not particularly rich but is capable of sustaining small scale agriculture. Some efforts have been made, sponsored by the Great School and the Baron of Sherlin, to try to decrease the pH values of the soil but it might be many years before the fertility of the soil in the western lands can be improved beyond mere substance farming.

Notable People:
Bradana Pottinger is the first term Propraetor of the MFP. This is her first assignment upon promotion to G-8 grade in the Glantrian government and she means to govern her province as best she can to impress the Council of Princes and perhaps secure a more prominent province in the future. Coming from a Kaelic family from Klantyre she has great sympathy and devotion to those who have migrated here from other areas of Glantri and even to the ever increased numbers of Sindhi immigrants moving east from the war-torn Sind. Bradana has struck up a friendship with beautiful, enchanting, and unmarried Viscountess of d’Ylourgne, Sita Badami. Bradana’s very subtle romantic overtures have not been rebuked to this point and she hopes that happiness in her love life may finally be in her future. The thought that the Viscountess might have ulterior motives for entering such a liason have never crossed her mind.

Rama Majumdar (F21) is a spy for the Master of Hule. Entering Glantri posing as a refugee from Peshwir he is fact is under orders to watch western Glantri for any possible hints or preparations of westward aggression by the Glantrians. For several years Rama lived in the town of Kern hearing nothing in regards to any possible threat by the Glantrians. However recently he has heard rumors of a Glantrian nobleman making inquiries into the strengths and locations of Peshwirian forces and recruiting Sindhians of magical talent to emigrate to Glantri. He has since moved to Moulins to keep a closer eye on a particular Glantrian noblewoman. The only Glantrian noble of Sindhian descent. He has recently applied for a position in the town guard, posing as a much lower level Fighter than he is, to learn what he can before taking more active measures in his surveillance and intelligence gathering.

Notable Sites:
Moulins is the administrative center and largest settlement of the MFP as well as the largest settlement in all of western Glantri. Founded shortly after the region was settled by the d’Amberville’s and their followers until recently served mainly as a western outpost for civilized Glantri and one which supported the western defensive bulwark of Fortress d’Ylourgne. With the enfoeffment of Sablestone and the creation of the western dominions Moulins has undergone a rapid expansion, its population increasing 25% in only the last 6 years, and is now known as the gateway to the west. It is the major stop on the westward caravan route and boosts a lively market and is a major caravan station for inbound and outbound caravans. It also boosts a booming mercantile district as a many supplier for goods and services for the many small settlements that have grown up in the west in the last decade. The Moulins market is rapidly gaining a reputation throughout Glantri as a place where anything and everything can be found, and at much better prices than in Glantri City.

Castelmezzano is a mountainside village notable for its many vacation homes owned by the rich and famous of Glantri. During the hot summer months many Glantrian nobles, famous stars of the pitch, of the stage come here to spend their days enjoying the fresh cool mountain air. One can often see the otherwise hard to access rich and famous of Glantri walking down the narrow village streets with their families or paramours.

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