Davania Gazetteers Index.


This area consists of the continent of Davania. The most notable islands associated with Davania include the Islands of Oceania, Cestia and Everfeed and everything else that may exist or have existed within it.

Adakkian Sound Settlements of the Adakkian Sound
Short Notes about the City-States
A discovery in the Hinterlands
City-State of Aelios
Tlastin Valley
Emerond (from VotPA)
Kingdom of Emerond AC1018
City-State of Garganin AC1018
City-State of Hrissopoli AC1018
City-State of Ilioloosti AC1018
City-State of Kastelios AC1018
City-State of Mivosia AC1018
Dominion of Polakatsikes AC1018
Exarchate of Thyatian Hinterlands AC1018
Outpost of Vanya's Rest AC1018
Arica Arica History
Aryptian region


Brasolia Brasolia timeline
Cestia The Island of Cestia
High Shire High Shire
Izonda region The Invicible Dictatorship of Izonda
The Ruins of Pelenzor
Kwythellar Elves The Kwythellar Elves
The Goblins of Kresh
Lhomarr Lhomarr: The Land, Its People, and Their History
Lost Valley Region


Mis The Last Haven of Mis
Oceania Notes on the Isles of Steam
Pelatan The Golden Matriarchy of Pelatan
Varellya Varellyan timeline
Vulcanian Peninsula Region Village of Klaump
Village of Smaft
Village of Dumhweil
Thimhallan - Almanac Entry
Thimhallan - DM's Information
Heldannic Schreckmaschine Mk.I
The Snartan Klaugorikios
Southern Vulcanian Timeline
Technomancer Prestige Class
Additional Rules for Technomancy
Y'hog The Lore and Legends of Y'hog
Some of the known Outer Beings
Becoming a servant of the Outer Beings
Geoff's Big Book of Unspeakable Outer Being Lore.