Skothar Gazetteers Index.


This area consists of the continent of Skothar.

Akuba City-State of Akuba AC1018
Blackrock Geographic updates for NACE : Blackrock
Calengaer Calengaer Gazetteer (US Version)
Calengaer Gazetteer (French Version)
Dunael The Lost Tribe of the Dianechtii
Esterhold Geographic updates for NACE : Esterhold
Republic of Esterhold AC1017
Republic of Esterhold and City-State of Draeh AC1018
Kukarachans The Kukarachans: History, Statistics
Nation of Jen


Land of the Thousands Pagodas The Land of the Thousands Pagodas
Minaea Minaea AC1018
Nentsun Chronicles of Nentsun (5 chapters)
Nentsun Atlas AC1000
The Fighting Orders of Nentsun
Swanamutu Tangor and the Black Human Kingdoms of Swanamutu Gazetteer
Empire of Tangor AC1018
Republic of Durhan AC1018
Kingdom of Ekleke AC1018
Hivebrood of Cymru AC1018
Elo Goblands AC1018
Lleweryn AC1018
Thonia Kingdom of Thonia
Kingdom of Thonia AC1017
Kingdom of Thonia AC1018
The Thoth-Ath Gnolls
Verdan Geographic updates for NACE : Verdan
Mystara-Orient Project Mystara-Orient Project

"Calengaer, The Green Ocean" was created by Frederic Perronet, and translated  from the French by Thibault Sarlat .