The spells of Naz

(by Rich Stump),published in Dragon issue #200.


Nazralte GrynClithe (Naz) was born to human parents of mixed Glantrian and Hattian stock in the County of Hattias, in the World of MystaraŠ setting. Although it is widely believed that Naz has some elven blood in him, he did not get along well with the elves in his native land. This fact, combined with a thirst for knowledge and a curiosity that would drive him to the corners of the known worlds, spurred Naz to seek his fortune outside Thyatis.

Naz roamed far and wide over the lands of Mystara. Along with his wanderlust, Naz felt a burning need to push back the boundaries of magical theory, especially those regarding the elemental planes and their magics. Naz's drive for knowledge made him quite an experimenter; his tinkerings with the elemental and quasi elemental forces destroyed not only his labs, but neighboring buildings, on several occasions. Naz kept records of his wanderings and his experiment's results. These records he condensed to one volume: Mysthmagik.All that is known about Mysthmagik is , that it's a large 12" X 9" X 3" tome bound in bronze and covered with gorgon hide. Inscribed upon the hide in Common are the title of the work and its original author, Nazralte G.C. Inside are details of some of the most intensive research undertaken by Naz. The first 40 pages are full of notes and hypotheses about the Elemental Planes of Fire and Water and the Para-Elemental Plane of Ice and the quasi-Elemental Plane of Lightning.

(In game terms, these notes provide a reader with knowledge of the best ways to survive trips to these planes-see the Manual of the Planes for specific information.)

Following these pages are recipes for the creation of potions of fire breath and heal- ing. The last 70 pages of Mysthmagik relate the spells that Naz successfully researched, including several of his own manufacture. written upon these pages are the following spells: flaming sphere, frostfire, lightning bolt proficiency , bands of ice, stoneskin wizard eye, lightning curtain, lightning- cloak, vanish, deathshroud, and meteor swarm. The spells that Naz created are outlined as follows:

Frostfire. (Altération).

Level: 2.


CT : 2.

Range: 10 yds./level

Duration: 2 turns/level.

Save: Special.

Area of Effect: Special.

Through the use of the frostfire spell, the wizard is able to change the normally hot radiance of fires to a cold radiance. Two effects may be produced through the use of this spell. The first is a total absence of heat radiation (c.f. light spell); the flame will continue to burn and give off light, but no heat is produced. The second category causes the flames to burn cold, and they will inflict frost damage to anyone who comes into contact with them. For exam- ple, a torch normally causes 1-3 points of heat damage. If the cold version  of the spell is cast upon the torch, it will now inflict 1-3 points of cold damage to anyone struck by the torch. The flames subjected to this spell become tinged with blue for the durativn of the spell.

As a rule, the wizard can affect an amount uf flame edual to one torch or four candles for every level that she possesses. For the purpose of this spell, a small campfire is considered to be equal to three torches, a bonfire equal to six, and a wall of fire, eight. If fire under the effect of a frostfire spell goes out, the effects of the spell cease immediately.

As a last option, this spell may be cast on a fire-dwelling or fire-using creature such as an efreet, fire elemental, etc. The being is allowed a saving throw; success indicates that the spell has no effect, but a failed saving throw causes the victim to suffer 2d4 hit poinis of damage. Only one creature can be affected by this use of the spell.

The material components for this spell are a piece of ivory and a pinch of soot if the heatless version of the spell is cast. If the cold version is used, a piece of ice and a clear crystal of at least 10 gp value are required.

Proficiency. (Alteration).

Level: 3.

Components: V,S,M.

Range: Touch.

CT: 3

Duration: One hour/level.

Area of Effect: One creature.

Upon casting this spell, the wizard magi- cally empowers himself or another individ- ual to use one or more weapons that he is not proficient with. The affected individual will be able to use the weapon(s) in combat without nonproficiency penalties of any kind for the duration of the spell. The base number of weapons that proficiency is gained is one, and one extra weapon can be gained For every three levels above Fifth that the wizard possesses, i.e., an 8th-level mage can empower a creature with two proficiencies. The proficiencies cannot be split among different individuals.

Care must be taken when allotting a weapon proficiency for use; if a cleric who worships a god of peace suddenly gains proficiency with a two-handed sword may have some atoning to do.

Because the spell only grants a nominal degree of skill with a weapon, it cannot be used to augment the abilities of a character who is already proficient with a weapon. Thus, a fighter who can already use a long sword cannot have his skill with the weapon improved to "specialized" through the use of this spell. The material components for the proficiency spell are a bit of fleece and a miniature bronze weapon or weapons of the type that the spell's recicipient will gain proficiency in.


Bands of ice (Evocation)

Level: 4

Components: V,S,M

Range: 10 yards/level

CT: 3

Duration: Special

Save: Neg.

Area of Effect: One Creature

When this spell is cast, the wizard is able to trap a chosen victim in thick bands of ice. The spell-caster can create bands sufficient to hold a creature 1' tall for every level that she possesses, e.g., a lOthlevel spell-caster may capture any being of 10' height or less. lf the affected being is very broad, such as an umber hulk, add 1' or 2' to its effective height for the purposes of determining who or what the wizard can capture.

The victim immediately receives a saving throw to determine the effectiveness of the bands of ice. lf the save is successful, the ice is brittle and easily broken, allowing the creature to escape in one combat round. Otherwise, the being is trapped for at least one turn. Once a turn has passed, the victim is allowed a bend bars/lift gates roll to determine if the ice has melted to the point where the creature can escape. If the roll is successful, the creature breaks free of the ice and is no longer effected by the spell. The normal duration of the bands of ice is two turns. If the spell is cast in a cold environment (40°F or lower), the duration is doubled to four turns, and if the surroundings are very cold (0°F or below), the duration is increased to six turns (one hour).

Applying a torch to the bands will shorten the duration by one round for each round that heat is applied. Magical fires such as a fireball will melt the ice, but the trapped being will be injured in the process.

Creatures trapped within the bands of ice suffer 1d6 points of frost damage each turn the ice encircles them. Cold-dwelling creatures do not receive any damage, while fire-dwelling beings suffer double damage. The extra damage suffered by heat-based creatures is offset by the monster's body heat, which will cause the ice to melt twice as fast, halving the spell's effective duration.

The material components for this spell are several chain links made of nickel, a piece of iron in the shape of a hoop, and a bit of snow.

Lightning curtain   (Evocation)

Level: 5

Components: V,S,M

Range: 60 yards

CT 5

Duration: Special

Save: Special Area of effect: 20sq.feet/level.

When this spell is cast, a crackling, shimmering plane of electrical force will come into being. Anyone passing through the lightning curtain will suffer 2d8 points of damage plus one point for every level that the spell-caster possesses. If the individual passing through the curtain is wearing metal armor or carrying conductive objects (swords, iron spikes, etc.) of at least 40 gp weight, the damage inflicted by the lightning curtain will be increased to 3d8 points plus one point per level of the wizard. No saving throw is allowed for creatures who pass through the curtain, and touching the curtain with a metal object has the same effect as if that person had walked through the curtain.

The lightning curtain is also attracted to nearby metal objects; anyone wearing or carrying such an item will be "sparked" by the wall if she approaches to within 5' of the electrical plane. Such a "spark" inflicts ld8 points of damage upon the unlucky victim. The wizard who creates the lightning curtain can cause it to part for him alone, and the lightning curtain will not "spark" him during this time.

The lightning curtain is fairly transparent, allowing persons on opposite sides of it to see each other. In addition, the glow of the lightning is sufficient to illuminate the area on either side of it up to a distance of 10'. Spells and missiles may be cast through the lightning curtain, but all missiles must successfully save versus electricity or be destroyed. The lightning curtain will not hinder any spells except for electrical attacks, which it will absorb.

The lightning curtain will persist for as long as the wizard concentrates upon it, or for two rounds plus one round per level if concentration is not maintained. The material components necessary for the spell are a piece of amber, a bit of fur, and a square of fine velvet.

Lightningcloak   (Alteration/Evocation)

Level: 6

Components: V,S,M

Range: 0

CT: 1 round

Duration: Special

Save: Special

Area of Effect: The caster

Upon casting this spell, a shimmering aura of lightning surrounds the wizard. This lightning produces a crackling sound that is audible at a 5' range, and in dark areas the lightningcloak will outline the spell-caster as if a faerie fire spell had been cast upon her.

Under the effects of the lightningcloak, the wizard is a giant battery capable of discharging lightning bolts as she sees fit. The maximum damage of these bolts is ld6 damage for each level of the wizard, and she can discharge the bolts at the rate of one per round. The amount of damage caused by each bolt can be varied by the spell-caster, i.e., a l2th-level wizard can cast two 6-dice bolts, four 3-dice bolts, a 9dice bolt and three 1-die bolts, or any combination that adds to 12 dice. Saving throws are allowed against these bolts, with success indicating that the victim suffers half damage.

The lightningcloak also protects the wizard from the effects of electricity and electrical attacks. These attacks are absorbed with no harm to the, wizard up to a maximum of 8 points of absorption per level of the spell-caster (e.g., 80 points for a l0th-level mage).

However, the spell will end if the lightningcloak absorbs its full capacity of electrical damage. In addition, anyone who attempts to touch a lightningcloaked mage will be shocked for 1d6 points of damage. If a metal object (such as a metal weapon) is the touching agent, the maximum of six points of damage will be sustained by the attacker. No saving throws apply against this property of the lightningcloak.

The lightningcloak spell will end when all its lightning bolts have been used or if it absorbs its maximum capacity of electrical damage as noted. Otherwise, the duration of the lighiningcloak spell is one turn plus one round for each level of the wizard.

The material components for this spell include powdered amber and rose quartz (100 gp total value), a bit of phosphorous, and a finely woven cloak of no less than 500 gp value. The cloak must be worn for the spell to take effect, but the cloak may be re-used for subsequent castings of the spell.

Deathshroud   (Necromantic)

Level: 8

Components: V,S,M

Range: Touch

CT: 8

Duration: Special

Save: Neg.

Area of Effect: 1 creature/2 levels of the caster

By casting this spell, the wizard draws upon the Negative Material plane and surrounds himself with a shroud of negative power. While the spell-caster suffers no ill effects from this magical energy, it may have dire consequences for anyone who comes into contact with him.

To activate the deadly power of this spell, the wizard must touch his victim by successfully rolling an attack roll against his target. Any creature touched must immediately make a saving throw versus death magic with a -4 penalty. If the roll is successful, the victim is unharmed. If the save is failed, a black haze will form about the victim, draining 20% of his current hit points each round until the unlucky individual dies at the end of the fifth round. The deathshroud also protects the wizard; anyone who touches the spellcaster or attempts to strike him with any hand-held object or weapon must make a saving throw versus death magic at normal chances or be affected by the deathshroud in the same manner.

The following spells remove the deathshroud from an affected inclividual: cure critical wounds, heal, limited wish, wish, or a successful dispel magic spell. As a last possibility, if the afflicted individual is somehow able to reach the Positive Material plane within five rounds, the negative energy of the spell will be destroyed and the victim will be saved. Once a being has successfully saved against the effects of a particular deathshroud, that being cannot be affected again during that spell's duration.

The deathshroud remains in effect until the wizard has attacked or been attacked by a number of creatures equal to one-half of his level (round down), or the spell's duration of two rounds per level of the wizard has elapsed. Creatures from the Outer Planes and undead beings are not affected by this spell; if an undead creature is attacked with a deathshroud, it immediatety gains 1 HD and the wizard must save against death magic or suffer the effects of the spell himself.

In order to cast this spell, the spell-caster must have the following material components available: a mixture of crushed black opal and diamond (worth 5,000 gp), dust from either a vampire or lich, and a piece of smoky quartz.

The current location of Naz and his tome are unknown. Speculation is that Naz fell or was lost on one of his extra-planar journeys. As Mysthmagik was not among the belongings Naz left behind, he either took it with him, or it has heen stolen since Naz disappearance. Most believe the fate of the man and the book to be linked somehow. Adventurers, especially mages, are advised to remain cognizant of the missing wizard and his spellbook.

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