Zala's Book of Barriers.



Lakharemtolma Zalarem.

Appearance : The book is a massive tome; its two heavy, metal-reinforced wooden covers are bound over 44 pages of thick vellum, for a total weight of about 30 lbs. The book is invulnerable to fire, acid, moisture, and physical damage such as cutting and tearing. Despite this, a great black scorch mark mars the front cover, eating into the wood anddestroying a runic message that was onceinscribed there. The remaining marks reveal that the runes spelled out the book's title, the Lakharemtolma-the book of Barriers. Sages speculate that a red dragon's breath scorched the front cover; Zala is known to have fought more than one such wyrm.

History and contents: Sages agree that the book of barriers is the work of Zala the sorceress,quite possibly the cleverest wizard of the Palurigan region. Though her career was long and productive, Zala is said to have died in an earthquake more than four decades ago. The book was found among her possessions after the quake and was later stolen by an apprentice.

The lad took the book to a sage to have it appraised, but he was apparently unsatisfied with the price he was offered and vanished ( along with the book ).The present location of both the apprentice and the Book of barriers is unknown. Zala was fascinated with defensive spells, not surprising for an abjurer specialist wizard. History tells us Zala was vain but brilliant, and she was extremely concerned about keeping her fame alive after she was gone. Sages suggest that she somehow found a way to cheat death, as the instruction found inside the book clearly shows she had foreknowledge of doom.

The first page contains a brief note in Seleggi, an ancient and obscure dialect of common: "This is the Book of Barriers. It contains my lifetime's accumulation of defensive magic. Now it is time for me to step beyond the veil and leave this world forever, but my art will remain for all time. Farewell. (signed) Zala." The 43 subsequent pages contain wizards spells created or discovered by Zala. The pages hold alarm, armor, hold portal, protection from evil, shield, wall of fog, Zala's icejacket*; compose mind*, protection from cantrips, web, Zala's lifeforce guardian*; blink, non- detection, protection from evil 10' radius, protection from normal missiles, wind wall, Zala's forcebuckler*; Zala's amberhelm*, fire trap, illusionary wall, minor globe of invulnerability, repulse metal*, solid fog, wall or fire, wall of ice; avoidance, passwall, Thunguul's preservation*, wall of force, wall of iron, wall of stone, Zala's deception*; anti magic shell, globe of invulnerability, forcecage, spell turning; antipathy/sympathy, mind blank, prismatic wall; prismatic sphere, Tobian's ultimate circle*.

Spells marked with an asterisk are new spells described below.

Zala's Icejacket (Abjuration/Conjuration) .

Level: 1

Components: V, S

Range: 0

CT: 1

Dur.: 5rds+ 1/lvl

Save: Negates

Area of effect : One person.

This spell coats one person in magical ice and snow that provides excellent protection from fire until it melts.The recepient is totally protected against normal fire ; he could run into a burning house without fear of being burned , though smoke inhalation is another matter, of course . Even damage from magical fire is reduced the icejacket insulates against minor fire spells (level 1-4 wizard and priest spells) , reducing damage by 2 hp per die or 1d10 hp total,whichever is greater. Against major magical fire attacks , such as red dragon breath or flame spells of level 5 aand over, damage is reduced by 1 hp per die. Any magical fire attack nullifies the icejacket on contact ; the spell protects against only one such attack. The spell can be used offensively, because the ice and snow is quite heavy (10 lbs) and can freeze a victim to death in blizzard or sink a heavily-armored foe in a body of water ; unwilling targets gain a saving throw . The icejacket can also be used for camouflage in snowy conditions, or to cool a person in the middle of a desert.

Compose Mind (Abjuration)

Level: 2

Components: V,M.

Range: 0


Dur.: 3 rds/lvl

Save: None

Area of Effect: Caster

Compose mind is a deceptively simple spell that allow the caster to imbue his or her mind with a supernatural calm, allowing the logical analysis of battle situations without fear of distraction from spells, injuries, and other sources. When the spell is in effect, the caster is immune to the following distractions:

The pain from wounds and injuries. Natural fears and phobias (fear of heights , etc...)

Itching, irritation, dizziness, confusion, and disorientation, whether mundane or magically induced.

Any 1st or 2nd level spell that affects emotions,such as scare or Tasha's uncontrollable hideous laughter.

Additionally, the caster gains a +3 saving throw bonus versus following situations and spells are saved against at +3:

All emotion-affecting spells of 3rd level and higher, such as symbol, emotion, and fear.

All 1st- to 3rd-level illusions, as well as natural camouflage and chameleonlike effects of monsters.

The awe effects of ultra-powerful creatures such as deities.

Compose mind lasts as listed or until the wizard fails to save against all emotion-affecting spell. The material component is a slick of incense, which is burned while the spell is in effect.

Zala's Lifeforce Guardian (Abjuration/Conjuration)

Level: 2

Components: V,S.

Range: touch

CT: 2.

Dur: 5 rounds/lvl

Save: None

Area of Effect: One person.

This spell creates an invisible, intangible double of a person, which interposes itself whenever the recipient's lifeforce is in peril. Mere death does not qualify; the threat must harm or alter the recepient's lifeforce (for example, animate dead spells, any energy-draining spell or power, the transformation into undeath after being slain by an undead creature, maze and trap the soul spells, plus anything else the DM deems appropriate). When the spell or power is about to take effect,the invisible double interposes itself and nullifies the offending spell, but it is in turn dispelled. The double is effective only against creatures with the same or fewer HD/levels than the caster. The guardian does provide partial protection against stronger spells and powers, giving a saving throw bonus (where applicable) of +3 against beings 1-4 levels higher thall the caster, +2 against those 5-8 levels higher than the caster, and +1 against those 9 or more levels higher.

The whole attack is nullified, only the aspect which affect the soul. For example, if a 9th-level wizard was struck by a vampire, he would still suffer 5-10 hp damage but would avoid the vampire's energy drain.

Zala's Forcebuckler (Abjuration/Invocayion)

Level: 3.

Components: V.

Range: 0.

CT: 3.

Dur.: 1 turn/level.

Save: None.

Area of effect: Caster.

The forcebuckler is a glowing golden disc of magical energy that appears on the wizard's left forarm. The forcebuckler doesn't hinder spellcasting and provides the following benefits:

A bonus of +2 to the wizard's armor class and saving throws.

Protection from spells equal to -1 to every die of damage incurred by fire, acid, cold, electricity, or raw magical energy (e.g. magic rnissilesl)

May block spells with a percentage chance equal to 5% per level of the wizard. The only spells that can be deflected are those that affect a single target, such as ray of enfeeblement, Melf's acid arrow, or flame arrow. Successfully blocking such a spell neutralizes the forcebuckler-the spell's energies are expended in defending the wizard.

The forcebuckler cannot be removed or concealed in any way, except by nullifying the spell. It sheds as much light as a normal candle.

Zala's Amberhelm (Abjuration)

Level: 4

Components: V, S, M

Range: 0

CT: 2 turns

Dur.: 1 hour/level

Save: None

Area of Effect: Caster

Zala invented this spell after a vicious battle with a psionicist, to protect herself. When this spell is cast, a 2'-diameter amber-colored translucent sphere appears around the caster's head, serving as a barrier against all mind-affecting spells and psionic powers, but not illusions or Phenomena. While the amber-helm is in effect, no such spell works, nor does any psionic power requiring contact. Conversely, the wizard cannot affect anyone with his mental powers (if any) while the spell is in effect.

The amberhelm can be dispelled normally, but the only way a psionicist can destroy it is to expend a number of PSPs equal to half the wizard's hit points plus 1d20 points, then make a power check vs. Intelligence. If the check succeeds, the amberhelm is destroyed but feeds back its motive energies, zapping the psionicist for 3d10 hp damage, with no saving throw. The material components are an amber bead worth at least 200 gp, a silver piece, and a parrot feather; the components are consumed in the casting.

Repulse Metal.(Abjuration).

Level: 4.

Components: V, S, M.



Dur: 7 rounds.

Save: None.

Area of Effect: See below.

By manipulating magnetic forces, the wizard creates a brief burst of magical force that impels all metal within 100 yards to fly away from the caster (except any metal he is carrying) at a rate of 10 yards per round, for seven rounds. Unlike mundane magnetic field,this force affects even nonferrous metals like gold and lead. The force ceases 100 yards from the caster, so someone 99 yards away would be pushed just 3'.

The force that propels the metal increases as the quantity of metal present increases. For example, a wizard carrying a pouch of 20 sp could prevent himself and his money from being dragged away but a warrior in full plate would be help- less to save himself, and would be flung back. Anyone carrying more than one pound of metal must make a Strength check (with a -1 penalty per pound of  metal carried) or be inexorably pushed away from the caster. One check may be made per round, and a roll of 5 or more above what is needed indicates that the person may move toward the spellcaster if he so wishes. Alternatively, the metal item or items (a sword, for instance) could be dropped or detached and allowed to fly away.

The material components are three small iron bars and a gold piece that has been cut in half with a magical sword or dagger.

Thunguul's Preservation. (Abjuration/Necromancy).

Level: 5.

Compoments: V, M.

Range: 0.

CT: 5.

Dur.: 1d6 hours/level.

Save : None

Area of Effect: Caster.

Zala's uncle Thunguul was a powerful mage, though nowhere near his niece in skill. In his long lifetime he created just this one spell, an incantation designed to ' save the caster's life. Thunguul's preserva- tion drains and stores a portion of the caster's life energy, protecting it from nearly any harm. This energy is equal to 3d4 hp, but it can never exceed the caster's hit points at the time the spell is cast.

When the spell is cast, this energy is marked off the character's hit points; these points cannot be recovered except on the completion of the spell. If the char- acter's hit points drop below zero during the duration of the spell, he will seem to die, but when the spell expires, that life energy returns to the caster, bringing him back to life if he has fallen below zero hit points. This infusion of life energy is not a true resurrection because the character's life energy was never completly extinguished and because energy was safely hidden away. When energy returns, small (though possibly fatal) wounds vanish, but severed limbs not grow back and certain conditions, such as poisoning, disease, decapitation, incineration, disintegration, and so on, are not altered. If the PC's body is in a life threatening location, such as at the bottom of a lake, then true death occurs immediately unless the character can reach safety. Only one Thunguul's preser- vation can be in effect at any one time.

The material component is a special candle that costs 1,000 gp to prepare. The candle must be lit when the spell is cast and gradually burns down until the spell is completed. If the candle is blown out or destroyed prematurely, the life energy is lost and musft be recovered in the normal way.

Zala's Deception.(Abjuration/Illusion).

Level: 5.

Components: V, S.

Range: 0 .

CT: 5.

Dur.: 3 rds/lvl.

Save: None.

Area of Effect.: 0' radius circle.

This spell combines the wizard spells blink and mirror image. When cast, two or more exact duplicates of the caster appear within 50' and their actions duplicate exactly those of the wizard. In addition, the caster's true location jumps around among the images, as if he were affected by a blink spell. Unlike the images of a mirror image spell, this spell's illusory duplicates do not vanish if struck.

The spell creates 1d4 images plus 1 image for every five levels of the caster, so a lOth-level wizard creates ld4+2 images and a l5th-level wizard creates 1d4+3, to a maximum of ld4+5 at 25th level. The easter has considerable control over the images-they will not appear hovering in thin air unless the wizard wishes it, nor will they be facing walls or appear with their heads sticking into low ceilings. The caster also has some measure of control over placement of the images: if he takes an additional segment per image during casting, the images can be precisely placed within the area of effect, and can be set to face a certain way. The images can be dispelled normally and spells such as true sight can easily determine which are the images and which is the true wizard.

Zala's Disruption (Abjuration) .

Level: 6 .

Components: V, S.

Range: 0.

CT: 6.


Save: None.

Area of effect: 5' radius/level.

When invoked, this powerful incantation erases spells from the minds of wizards and priests within the stated range. Anyone with memorized spells within the radius must make a saving throw vs. spells or lose 1d4 random spells. Anyone failing the first saving throw must roll again; fail- ure results in another 1d4 spells lost and another saving throw until he has no spells left or a saving throw is successful. The caster and any allies in the area of effect are likewise affected by the disruption, though the caster gains a +2 bonus to the saving throw (+3 if an Abjurer). The a disrupted magic takes the form of spectacular clouds of shimmering light that hover in the area for hours after the spell takes effect.

The material component is a diamond worth no less than 5,000 gp,   however, this gem is not expended in the casting of the spell.

Tobian's Ultimate Circle (Abjuration)

Level: 9.

Components: V, S, M.

Range: 0.

CT: 9 rounds.

Dur.: 1 turn/lvl.

Save: None.

Area of Effect: 2'diameter circle per level.

This spell is the final word in defensive magic: completely invulnerable to those against whom it is cast, yet cannot be used to protect an attacker. To set the spell, the caster makes a circle using gold dust-at least 500 gp worth per caster's level. While being cast, the wizard decides whether the circle protect against the inside or the outside. If inside, nothing within the lines can escape or attack through the barrier until the spell expires or the circle is broken. If set to protect against the outside, whatever is within the lines is absolutely invulnerable to every conceivable attack.

In all cases, any force or attack brought to bear against the invulnerable side of the circle is reflected back against the initiator of the force. However, if a creature on the protected side moves or attacks through the barrier willingly or not, the spell is broken. The above rule has one exception: the master of the circle can open the circle for an instant to teleportation or planar travel just long enough to trap someone inside or bring someone across into the protected side. This is the only way a creature can pass through the wall without being reflected back or breaking the spell.

The caster can make the circle permanent by casting a permanency spell, though it can still be broken by someone walking through the opposite side. Legends tell of an archmage who did just this, and put a second circle around the first, with the invulnerable side out, thus trapping an enemy inside forever.

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