The Silver Bow of Simenodar:

This is a Longbow +2, +3 vs. Humanoids. Twice per day, the wielder can surround a nocked arrow with Cold Flame, causing an additional 1d6 damage on a successful hit. The Bow is made from silver birchwood, and has a bowstring of unbreakable, magically flexible silver. This string will not snap or fray, and is unaffected by damp conditions, so the Bow is always ready for use. The Cold Flame power is triggered by a command word ("Greenheight").

Simenodar was, and indeed still is, a Scout for the Elven community of Greenheight. He was an adventurer in his youth, mixing with humans, Hin, and even Dwarves, which gave him an unusually cosmopolitan outlook for a Vyalia Elf. He was one of those who pushed for the creation of the Foresters, fighting the somewhat xenophobic attitudes held by many of his Clan. Becoming a student of the Clan Treekeeper after settling back into Greenheight, he became quite a skilled magic-user, creating his "signature" spell, Cold Flame (see below), as part of his training; however, shortly afterwards he abandoned this calling, becoming a scout.

Although he never married, Simenodar did "adopt" a son; the boy who would become the Forester Arelan. Whilst on patrol, he discovered the frightened, half-starved child in the woods; seeing potential in the boy, he used his position as patrol leader to prevent his scouts from killing the interloper, and took him back to Greenheight. After long months spent getting toknow the boy, Simenodar eventually claimed Arelan, the child of his heart, as kin. He later stood proudly as sponsor when the boy was inducted into the Forester force Simenodar had helped to create.

As part of his Treekeeper training, Simenodar learnt to craft items of magic, both with the aid of the Tree of Life and without. A year after joining the scout corps, he created his Silver Bow, which first saw battle a scant two days after completion - against a massive humanoid attack. Simenodar personally put paid to at least a dozen humanoids, and managed to destroy the single, gigantic Troll amongst the raiders by virtue of the Bow's innate magic. There are many stories told about the battles since won thanks to the Silver Bow, but the tale of this first battle is by far the most often retold. No longer as adventurous as in his younger days, Simenodar is best remembered by most Thyatians for his part in making the legend of Arelan; his true fame is known only to his own people, and to the Foresters, who hold him in the greatest esteem.

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