Ring of Missile Catching
The idea for this ring was conceived by Doleran Forsuph, Guild Master of the Greycloaks, a small-time thieves' guild operating on Belissaria around 1950 AL. Tired of his highly-trained cutpurses and housebreakers being struck down by any low-level mage with a Magic Missile spell to hand, or by the wands of Imperial Boltmen, he paid a small fortune to a reclusive mage to create rings which would not only shield the wearer, but allow him or her to strike back. If the wearer of a Ring of Missile Catching is the target of a Magic Missile spell, he or she may attempt to catch it (save vs. spells at a bonus of +2), so long as at least one hand is free (either hand may be used, not merely the one wearing the ring), and the wearer is not magically held, paralysed etc. If the attempt succeeds, the spell is absorbed by the Ring, and may be cast from it at any target by the wearer in the next round. If not used in this time, the spell dissipates. Any number of bolts may be caught at once by the Ring, as long as they all come from the same spell or item; the catcher may hurl back an equal number of missiles at his or her choice of targets. The wearer may not catch a spell in the same round as he is hurling one. Most of these rings are plain gold bands, with a sigil engraved on the inside of the ring (the mark of the Greycloaks). A few have been created since by other wizards, however, so Rings of Missile Catching with different designs may be encountered.

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