Wands , Staves , Rods.

Faoren's Wild Wand of Missiles
Faoren, an extremely creative and chaotic Alphatian mage from Aarogansa, devised the first of these wands as an experiment in chaotic magic. The Wild Wand is an exquisitely carved and filigreed piece of bone from a Brown Dragon's skeleton (any long, straight piece will do; Faoren used various bones from the same skeleton over the years). The command word is the same for every Wild Wand - "Camarisa", who was Faoren's enamorata at the time. Whenever the Wild Wand is activated, it casts one of the following effects (roll d6):

1 - a normal Magic Missile, damage 2-7 hp.
2 - a bolt which, upon striking the target or reaching a range of 50' (whichever comes first), explodes in a burst of light (equivalent to a Continual Light spell) which persists for three rounds. This effect is stationary if it explodes in mid-air, or mobile if it strikes a target. No damage is suffered by the target. Undead are not aversely affected by this spell.
3 - a bolt which causes blindness in the target for 1-2 hours (1d6+6 turns). No further damage is suffered. A save v. spells applies.
4 - a bolt which, if the target is undead, acts like a Turning attempt from a 6th Level cleric. Non-undead are not affected by this spell.
5 - a bolt which stuns the target for 5-8 (1d4+4) rounds. Undead are not affected by this spell.
6 - a double-strength Magic Missile (4 -14 hp). This has an effective range half that of a standard missile (75'), and fades away if it reaches the limit of its range.

Each wand can contain a maximum of 45 charges; if found, an individual wand will have 20-25 (1d6+19) charges remaining. They can be recharged. Faoren made six of these wands before he died; two remain in the hands of his former apprentice, Rumael. The remaining four are currently lost.

NB: Rumael, unlike his master, is a Lawful, logical, mathematically-inclined individual. He devised a formula - Rumael's Theorem - which can accurately predict the sequence of bolts produced by a Wild Wand, given examination of at least three consecutive blasts from any particular wand. This formula is so esoteric, however, that few others can understand it, let alone employ it.

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Wand of Magic Missiles, Mindfeeder
This singular device is a foot-long wand of blackened mahogany with a yellow diamond at the tip. The command word ("Lhomond") is inscribed along its side. It was created by Prince Brannart McGregor, and incorporates the power of the Radiance in its construction (making it detectable by Rad's Wand of Amber, of course). It was designed to be an easily-rechargeable wand; the wielder, assuming he or she was a spellcaster, could recharge it by casting spells into the wand, which would then convert that energy into stored power. Since the Nucleus of the Spheres was altered to draw its power from Entropy, however, the wand's abilities have changed. When first found, it appears to be a normal Wand of Magic Missiles, and holds 1d6+5 charges. Once exhausted, however, its curse comes into effect; the wand will randomly drain 1d6 spells from the mind of its wielder (if a spellcaster; otherwise, it draws its power from the nearest available friendly mage or cleric - typically, one of the wielder's party - NEVER from a spellcasting opponent) in order to recharge itself. No matter the level of the spells it absorbs, the wand always gains 1d6+5 charges from its "feeding". Once the wand has "fed" once the bearer of the wand becomes irrationally attached to it and will not willingly give it up, despite its unfortunate side-effect (particularly unfortunate, if it is a companion who suffers the spell-draining effect!); in fact, it will become a favoured weapon, supplanting any other missile weapon in the bearer's affections. Its owner may even give it a pet name. If stolen or lost, the distraught bearer will go to great lengths to recover it; however, if not found within 3 months, the effect of the curse fades, although the former bearer will always feel a pang of longing when he/she thinks of it. An early experiment, Brannart lost it years ago - long before the WoTI - and therefore never experienced the curse; he has, in all probability, forgotten its existence by now.

Contribution from : CQuaif@aol.com