Level 2 spells.


(Greater Divnation, Necromancy)
Level: 2
Range: 5 yards/level
Components: V,S,M
Duration: 1 round + 2 rounds/level
Casting Time: 2
Area of Effect: Special
Saving Throw: Neg.

This spell allows a wizard to roughly gauge the life-force remaining in any one living creature (including himself). The spell uses a small hourglass as its material component; this is thrown into the air as the incantation is murmured, and is consumed (amid twinkling motes of light) whether or not the spell succeeds.

The chosen creature, even if it is weak, spellbound, or otherwise unaware that a spell is being cast on it, receives a saving throw against the spell at -3. The only exception to this is the caster himself, who need not save against his own spell.

If bloodglass is successfully cast, the intangible image of an hourglass appears floating in the air near the caster's head. lt seems to contain blood that drips from the upper compartment (the "healthy being") into the lower compartment ("blood spilled"). The dripping liquid is luminous-about equal to faerie fire-and can be clearly seen from up to 50' distant even in darkness.

The hourglass image is visible to all creatures, can be moved about as the caster desires, and need not be concentrated on to remain in existence (i.e., the caster can perform other spell-casting without causing the image to disappear). If the image and caster ever get farther apart than the spell range, the image disappears, ending the spell. The image will not automatically move to accompany the caster, moving only in accordance with the caster's conscious will.

It is important to note that this spell does not measure the precise hit points remaining to a creature, but rather the proportion of total vitality and life-force remaining (e.g., if the subject has only one-quarter of its hit hoints remaining, the hourglass image reflects this). Damage taken as the surveyed being shows up in the glass as trickling or streaming blood, but observers can't accurately count individual hit points as they are expended.


Components: V,S,M.
Range: 0.
Duration: Special.
Save: None.
Area of effect: Special.

This spell can affect an area centered on the caster, another creature, or a stationnary area itself. Whether this area is stationary or can move with the caster must be determined during casting. If used to affect an area, slowspell protects a sphere of 10' radius per level of the caster.

A slowspell causes spells cast at a protected being or area to be delayed in taking effect, depending on the level of the mage who cast the slowspell. The magic won't take effect for one round if the caster is 8th level or less, for two rounds if the caster is 9- l2th level, or for three rounds if the caster is l3th level or greater. A powerful caster can choose during casting to shorten the delay. (A l3th-level wizard can choose to cause only a one-round delay, for example.) The delay can't be lengthened beyond three rounds by any known means. A slowspell has no effect on magic cast or wielded by the being it protects, but if cast on an area, slow,spell affects all magic in that area, from any source.

Once cast, a slowspell remains ready indefinitely. It is activated by contact with appropriate magic. When activated, the slowspell delays the spell that triggered it and all others it contacts until its duration runs out. A slowspell lasts for one round per level of the caster, or two rounds after coming into contact with a dispel magic spell, whichever occurs first. A slowspell cannot be made permanent. Casting this spell requires any faceted gemstone (which is consumed in the casting).

Shadow bolt.

Components: V,S .
Range: 5 yds./level.
CT: 2.
Duration: Instant.
Save: Special.
Area of Effect: One creature.

This spell creates a bolt of gray , shadowy force that leaps from the caster to a target creature. If the target is within range and visible to the caster as casting is completed, the bolt cannot miss. If not, the bolt is wasted. If another creature deliber- ately blunders into the bolt, it suffer the spell's full effects; the bolt vanishes after it strikes a living creature.

Any being struck by a shadow bolt must make a saving throw. if it fails, the victim suffers 1d6 points of damage plus 1 point per level of the caster. On the round after the bolt hits, the victim is wracked by pain and suffers a - 1 penalty on Armor Class, saving throws, attack rolls, and ability , checks. After that round elapses, the spell's effects end.

If the saving throw succeeds, the target takes only 1d4 hp damage total, and does not suffer from the pain effects.


Level: 2.
CT : 2.
Range: 10 yds./level
Duration: 2 turns/level.
Save: Special.
Area of Effect: Special.

Through the use of the frostfire spell, the wizard is able to change the normally hot radiance of fires to a cold radiance. Two effects may be produced through the use of this spell. The first is a total absence of heat radiation (c.f. light spell); the flame will continue to burn and give off light, but no heat is produced. The second category causes the flames to burn cold, and they will inflict frost damage to anyone who comes into contact with them. For exam-ple, a torch normally causes 1-3 points of heat damage. If the cold version  of the spell is cast upon the torch, it will now inflict 1-3 points of cold damage to anyone struck by the torch. The flames subjected to this spell become tinged with blue for the durativn of the spell.

As a rule, the wizard can affect an amount uf flame edual to one torch or four candles for every level that she possesses. For the purpose of this spell, a small campfire is considered to be equal to three torches, a bonfire equal to six, and a wall of fire, eight. If fire under the effect of a frostfire spell goes out, the effects of the spell cease immediately.

As a last option, this spell may be cast on a fire-dwelling or fire-using creature such as an efreet, fire elemental, etc. The being is allowed a saving throw; success indicates that the spell has no effect, but a failed saving throw causes the victim to suffer 2d4 hit poinis of damage. Only one creature can be affected by this use of the spell.

The material components for this spell are a piece of ivory and a pinch of soot if the heatless version of the spell is cast. If the cold version is used, a piece of ice and a clear crystal of at least 10 gp value are required.

Compose Mind

Level: 2
Components: V,M.
Range: 0
Dur.: 3 rds/lvl
Save: None
Area of Effect: Caster

Compose mind is a deceptively simple spell that allow the caster to imbue his or her mind with a supernatural calm, allowing the logical analysis of battle situations without fear of distraction from spells, injuries, and other sources. When the spell is in effect, the caster is immune to the following distractions:

· The pain from wounds and injuries. Natural fears and phobias (fear of heights , etc...)

· Itching, irritation, dizziness, confusion, and disorientation, whether mundane or magically induced.

· Any 1st or 2nd level spell that affects emotions,such as scare or Tasha's uncontrollable hideous laughter.

Additionally, the caster gains a +3 saving throw bonus versus following situations and spells are saved against at +3:

· All emotion-affecting spells of 3rd level and higher, such as symbol, emotion, and fear.

· All 1st- to 3rd-level illusions, as well as natural camouflage and chameleonlike effects of monsters.

· The awe effects of ultra-powerful creatures such as deities.

Compose mind lasts as listed or until the wizard fails to save against all emotion-affecting spell. The material component is a slick of incense, which is burned while the spell is in effect.

Zala's Lifeforce Guardian

Level: 2
Components: V,S.
Range: touch
CT: 2.
Dur: 5 rounds/lvl
Save: None
Area of Effect: One person.

This spell creates an invisible, intangible double of a person, which interposes itself whenever the recipient's lifeforce is in peril. Mere death does not qualify; the threat must harm or alter the recepient's lifeforce (for example, animate dead spells, any energy-draining spell or power, the transformation into undeath after being slain by an undead creature, maze and trap the soul spells, plus anything else the DM deems appropriate). When the spell or power is about to take effect,the invisible double interposes itself and nullifies the offending spell, but it is in turn dispelled. The double is effective only against creatures with the same or fewer HD/levels than the caster. The guardian does provide partial protection against stronger spells and powers, giving a saving throw bonus (where applicable) of +3 against beings 1-4 levels higher thall the caster, +2 against those 5-8 levels higher than the caster, and +1 against those 9 or more levels higher.

The whole attack is nullified, only the aspect which affect the soul. For example, if a 9th-level wizard was struck by a vampire, he would still suffer 5-10 hp damage but would avoid the vampire's energy drain.

Enchanted Quiver

Level: 2(forester)
Range: touch
Duration: 1 turn
Effect: 1 quiver of arrows

This spell enchants up to six normal arrows. Although they gain no plusses to hit or damage, the spell lets the arrows damage foes who are only affected by magical weapons. At 3rd level, a Forester can enchant the arrows to hit creatures affected by +1 enchantments or greater; the plus-effect increases by +1 for every 2 levels of the caster, to a maximum of +4 at 9th level. Once
an arrow is fired, the enchantment is lost whether the shot was successful or not. Any arrows unused by the end of the spell's duration lose their enchantment, but may be reused as part of a later spell.

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Healing Sap

Level: 2(forester)
Range: touch
Duration: 1 round
Effect: 1 person

This healing spell requires sap from any sap-bearing tree, either fresh or preserved. The Forester must smear the sap on the wounded area before casting the spell (if the sap is preserved, it will need to be softened by heating it over a fire before it can be used). The spell heals 1d6 points of damage, +1 per level of the caster, if the sap is fresh; otherwise, it heals 1d4 points +1 per level. If the recipient has suffered no obvious wound, the sap must be ingested to be useful.

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Rumael's Turnbolt

Level: 2
Range: 150'
Duration: 1 round
Effect: 1 bolt (+1 per 6 levels)

This spell creates a shimmering arrow which, if fired at an undead, acts as a Turn attempt from a Cleric one level lower than the Wizard who casts it - at its lowest, as a 2nd-level Cleric. The maximum Turn level granted is 6th (for a 7th-level Wizard). An additional bolt is gained at 8th level, and again at 14th level, for a total of 3. Multiple bolts may be cast at different targets (note: the Turning effect applies ONLY to the single undead struck by the bolt), or at the same target, in which case additional bolts boost the Turning level by one per extra bolt (2=7th level, 3=8th level). This spell is experiencing a minor vogue amongst Glantrian mages, since it provides them with one of the major clerical advantages in a land where clerics are not permitted. The spell is now on the curriculum at the Great School of Magic.

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Level: 2
Range: 50'
Duration: 1 round (and see below)
Effect: 1 bolt

This spell creates a glowing arrow which may be fired in any direction to a range of 50' (or until it strikes an obstacle, whichever comes first); unlike the other spells in this collection, it does not automatically hit a living target. Upon impact, or at the limit of its range, the arrow explodes in a flash of light equivalent to a Continual Light spell, which remains for 3 rounds before fading. A bolt which strikes a moving target will be centred on it, and will move as it does; otherwise, the light will be stationary. Unlike a Light spell, a Flare missile cannot be used to blind a target. This spell has found various uses amongst war parties and armies, as it can be used to signal location, to provide clear sight of an enemy, or to frighten away night-dwelling creatures (goblins, kobolds etc). The light has no adverse effects on undead such as vampires. It is believed that Rumael has created, or is in the process of creating, a high-level version of this spell which generates light equivalent to sunlight, but this may simply be rumour.

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Rumael's Stunbolt

Level: 2
Range: 150'
Duration: 1 round
Effect: 1 bolt (+1 per 5 levels)

This spell creates a softly-glowing arrow which, upon striking its target, stuns the victim for 5-8 (1d4+4) rounds (saving throw vs. spells applies). During this period, the victim is unable to fight, cast spells, or defend him/herself. The caster gains an additional bolt every five levels after 3rd (at 8th, 13th, etc). These may be fired at separate foes, or at one target - additional strikes lower the saving throw by -1 per bolt after the first. Duration is not affected, no matter how may bolts strike the target. This spell has seen increasing use in quelling brawls in Alphatian towns, and has proved useful to monster-hunters who wish to bring their prey back alive and unharmed.

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Rumael's Sightblinder

Level: 2
Range: 150'
Duration: 1 round
Effect: 1 bolt (+1 per 5 levels)

This spell creates a brilliantly-glowing arrow which, upon striking its target, causes blindness in the target for 1-2 hours (1d6+6 turns). A saving throw vs. spells applies. The caster gains an additional bolt every five levels after 3rd (at 8th, 13th, etc). These may be fired at separate foes, or at one target - additional strikes extend the duration by 2 turns per bolt. A separate saving throw must be made for each missile striking the target. Like the Stunbolt, above, this spell is useful for vanquishing an opponent without causing lasting damage. A higher-level variant is currently being researched which can temporarily negate the gaze-attacks of certain monsters, such as Medusae, Basilisks, Nucklavees, etc.

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Cassius' Deceptive Aura

Level: 2
Range: 60'
Duration: 1 turn/level of caster
Effect: Imbues any single object within range with a false aura of magic.

This spell, when cast on any one object with 60' of the caster, places upon it a false aura of magic, such that, if detect magic is cast within range of that object before the spell expires, it will register as a magic item. This deception can be uncovered through the use of true sight (whether by spell or through a magic item), or analyze (which will not be able to provide any information about the item's enchantments). If dispel magic is cast near an object affected by this spell, the false aura of enchantment dissipates.

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