Level 3 spells.


Level: 3.
Components: V,S,M.
Range: Touch.
CT: 3
Duration: One hour/level.
Area of Effect: One creature.

Upon casting this spell, the wizard magi- cally empowers himself or another individ- ual to use one or more weapons that he is not proficient with. The affected individual will be able to use the weapon(s) in combat without nonproficiency penalties of any kind for the duration of the spell. The base number of weapons that proficiency is gained is one, and one extra weapon can be gained For every three levels above Fifth that the wizard possesses, i.e., an 8th-level mage can empower a creature with two proficiencies. The proficiencies cannot be split among different individuals.

Care must be taken when allotting a weapon proficiency for use; if a cleric who worships a god of peace suddenly gains proficiency with a two-handed sword may have some atoning to do.

Because the spell only grants a nominal degree of skill with a weapon, it cannot be used to augment the abilities of a character who is already proficient with a weapon. Thus, a fighter who can already use a long sword cannot have his skill with the weapon improved to "specialized" through the use of this spell. The material components for the proficiency spell are a bit of fleece and a miniature bronze weapon or weapons of the type that the spell's recicipient will gain proficiency in.

Zala's Forcebuckler

Level: 3.
Components: V.
Range: 0.
CT: 3.
Dur.: 1 turn/level.
Save: None.
Area of effect: Caster.

The forcebuckler is a glowing golden disc of magical energy that appears on the wizard's left forarm. The forcebuckler doesn't hinder spellcasting and provides the following benefits:

A bonus of +2 to the wizard's armor class and saving throws.

Protection from spells equal to -1 to every die of damage incurred by fire, acid, cold, electricity, or raw magical energy (e.g. magic rnissilesl)

May block spells with a percentage chance equal to 5% per level of the wizard. The only spells that can be deflected are those that affect a single target, such as ray of enfeeblement, Melf's acid arrow, or flame arrow. Successfully blocking such a spell neutralizes the forcebuckler-the spell's energies are expended in defending the wizard.

The forcebuckler cannot be removed or concealed in any way, except by nullifying the spell. It sheds as much light as a normal candle.

Enchanted Blade

Level: 3 (forester)
Range: touch
Duration: 1 turn
Effect: 1 bladed weapon

This spell enchants one normal bladed weapon (including swords, polearms, axes etc) to hit creatures normally affected only by magical weapons. The weapon gains no plusses to hit or damage. At 5th level, a Forester can enchant the weapon to hit creatures affected by +1 enchantments or greater; the plus-effect increases by +1 for every 2 levels of the caster, to a maximum of +3 at 9th level. The weapon loses its enchantment at the end on the spell's duration, but may be reused as part of a later spell.

Contribution from:CQuaif@aol.com

Deadwood Blade

Level: 3 (forester)
Range: touch.
Duration: permanent.
Effect: 1 piece of wood.

This spell was designed to enable a Forester to rearm himself in the forest should he be deprived of his weapons. The spell reshapes any single piece of dead wood (a broken branch, a plank, etc) into a bladed weapon. The size of the weapon is dependent on the amount of wood available; a longsword requires more wood than a dagger, for example. Excess quantities of wood are consumed during the transformation. The Deadwood Blade is equal to a normal bladed weapon of metal, but against an enchanted weapon, a Save vs. Crushing damage must be made after the first blow; a failure means the Deadwood Blade has
shattered. A Deadwood Blade may receive further temporary, or even permanent, enchantment - an Enchanted Blade spell, for example - and will remain useable until destroyed. Living wood, or wood especially cut from a tree for the purpose, cannot be transformed by this spell. a 4th level Druidic version of this spell is also available.

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Missile Storm
Level: 3
Range: 30' radius
Duration: Instantaneous
Effect: omnidirectional burst of magic missiles

Devised as a weapon of last resort by the Elven scout Alerivyn Feadiel, formerly of Alfheim, this spell causes a flurry of Magic Missiles to burst from the caster's body in a 360 degree arc. Anyone standing within 30' of the caster will be hit by 1-3 (1d4 -1, read zero results as 1) missiles, each causing normal Magic Missile damage (2-7 hp). Alerivyn created this spell for use when alone and surrounded by enemies - it should not be used within range of one's allies, unless they have some form of protection.

Alerivyn later created a 4th-level improvement on her spell, called Waiting Storm; this has the same effects as the earlier version, except it can be cast with an indefinite delay, to be triggered at a later time by an act of will. The caster may cast the spell on him/herself, another person, or some article of clothing which encircles the wearer, like a belt or cloak. Until the spell is released, the person or object bearing it radiates a faint magical aura which may be detected by a Detect Magic spell. Only one Waiting Storm may be cast on any subject at a time; however, a person could have separate castings on himself, on his cloak, and on his belt, any of which can be activated individually at will.

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Cold Flame
Level: 3
Range: touch
Duration: 1 turn
Effect: 1 weapon

This spell allows an Elf or Forester to temporarily grant a normal bladed weapon the equivalent of a Flames on Command ability, without risking the danger of a forest fire. The Cold Flame is blue-white, and radiates light equivalent to a torch, but no heat; it will burn whatever it touches, but will not spread to anything other than the enchanted blade itself - the Cold Flame cannot be used to light a torch, for instance. Creatures struck by a Cold Flame-encased blade will suffer 1d6 burn damage in addition to normal weapon damage. The burn damage cannot be regenerated, and must heal naturally. The spell may be cast on an arrow, but is less useful, since the enchantment fades after the missile is shot whether or not it hits; however, an arrow so enchanted is very useful as a signal flare.

Contribution from:CQuaif@aol.com

Know Intent

Level: 3
Range: 10' +10'/level of caster
Duration: 1 round/level of caster
Effect: Reveals the basic intentions of the spell's target.

This spell is a slight modification of the 2nd-level clerical spell know alignment. Instead of revealing a target's alignment, this spell reveals to the caster the target's basic intentions. This could be hostility, friendliness, ambivalence, or anything in between. The target may be an individual or creature, but the caster must be able to see them clearly. Examining a target's intentions takes a full round, during which the caster may do nothing else. At the end of a round, and until the spell's duration expires, the caster may shift the focus of the spell to another target. The caster may end this spell before its allotted duration. The DM should keep in mind that a target's intentions may change at any given moment, and in accordance with any number of outside factors. Therefore, the caster's reading may be inaccurate.

contribution from Geoff Gander.

Strangling Mists

Level: 3
Range: 150'
Duration: 2 rounds/level of caster
Effect: Creates a 20' x 20' x 20' cloud of strangling vapours.

This spell produces an opaque cloud of greenish-grey noxious vapours, measuring up to 20' cubed. The mists that compose the cloud writhe about like tentacles, seemingly with a mind of their own. Anyone passing through the cloud, or who are caught within it, will take 1d10 points of damage for every round they are within it from strangling damage. This damage can be halved with a successful save vs. Poison. The only way to avoid the effects of this cloud is to flee it, since spellcasting is not possible within the choking vapours. To do so, everyone within the cloud must make a successful Strength check to fight their way out of the mists' wispy appendages, with failure meaning that they did not succeed in doing so. It should be noted that one Strength check may not be enough to escape the mists, depending on the movement rate of the victim, and where in the mists they are situated.
Although this spell produces a cloud of mists up to 20' cubed, if the area in which it is cast does not permit these dimensions, the cloud may assume any dimensions, so long as the total volume does not exceed 8000 feet cubed. For example, it would be possible to fill a 100' long tunnel with this cloud, so long as its height and width do not exceed 10' and 8', respectively.

contribution from Geoff Gander.

The Eyes of the Dead Man by Szasza Markovitch

Level: 3
Range: gaze
Duration: varies
Area: one person

Szasza's spell allows the caster gazing to the eyes of a dead body to see the last things he saw before dying. He sees one minute per level of action, but can hear nothing. The eyes can also be used on the undead, who get a saving throw against the spell. The undead is also forced to watch his death as the caster sees it, which usually puts them to raging frenzy against the caster, or drives them away horrified. The mindless undead don't care.

A contribution from Markus Olavi Montola.