Level 5 spells.

Thultaun's thrust

(Abjuration, Evocation)
Range: 5 yards/level
Components: V, S, M
Duration: 1 round
Casting Time: 1
Area of effect: One creature
Saving Throw: neg.

By casting this spell a wizard creates a powerful, invisible magical force emanating from his own body. It can be directed against only one chosen creature, who must save against the spell to avoid being hurled away. An affected target being is snatched off its feet and shot through the air, along a straight line away from the caster, up to 80' distant or until it strikes a solid barrier. Damage from the tumbling is 2d4 hp damage, and a saving throw vs.crushing blow is forced on all fragile items worn or carried bv the target being. If a solid barrier is struck, the hurled being takes 5d4 damage and may (at the DM's option) harm the barrier. If the barrier is another being, this second being takes 2d4 hp damage, must make a Strength check on 1d20 to avoid being knocked down, and all of its fragile worn or carried items must make saving throws vs. crushing blow. Neither a tumbling target being or any being it strikes can successfully cast spells while being affected by this spell.

Target beings receive a base saving throw against the spell of -5, modified cumulatively as follows: + 1 if the target is undead, + 1 if the target has a Strength of 17 or better, +2 if the target is at least L-sized or weighs more than 400 lbs., and +3 if the target is gaseous or incorporeal (such as many undead). Creatures that successfully save against the spell are completelv unaffected; the spell is wasted and cannot be directed against an alternative foe.

The material component of this spell is a small carved fist or hand, which must be made from an organic substance such as bone, ivory, or wood.

Mordenkainen's involuntary wizardry.

Range: 60 yds +10yds./level.
CT: 5.
Save: Special.
Duration: instant.
Area of effect: One spell-casting creature.

This spell forces a single, randomly-chosen spell from the mind of a single spell-casting being. Without the target doing any casting (or the use of any material components), the spell takes full normal effect on the target being; if this is impossible due to the nature of the spell, the target being takes one point of damage per spell level (for instance, warp wood, a second-level spell, does two points of damage), and the spell is lost. The target gets a saving throw vs. spell with a - 3 penalty to avoid all effects; if this succeeds, the involuntary wizardry has no effect, and is wasted. lt is also wasted if cast on a being that can't cast spells. Mordenkainen's involuntary wizardry can't trigger the use of a magical item.

Lightning curtain  

Level: 5
Components: V,S,M
Range: 60 yards
CT 5
Duration: Special
Save: Special Area of effect: 20sq.feet/level.

When this spell is cast, a crackling, shimmering plane of electrical force will come into being. Anyone passing through the lightning curtain will suffer 2d8 points of damage plus one point for every level that the spell-caster possesses. If the individual passing through the curtain is wearing metal armor or carrying conductive objects (swords, iron spikes, etc.) of at least 40 gp weight, the damage inflicted by the lightning curtain will be increased to 3d8 points plus one point per level of the wizard. No saving throw is allowed for creatures who pass through the curtain, and touching the curtain with a metal object has the same effect as if that person had walked through the curtain.

The lightning curtain is also attracted to nearby metal objects; anyone wearing or carrying such an item will be "sparked" by the wall if she approaches to within 5' of the electrical plane. Such a "spark" inflicts ld8 points of damage upon the unlucky victim. The wizard who creates the lightning curtain can cause it to part for him alone, and the lightning curtain will not "spark" him during this time.

The lightning curtain is fairly transparent, allowing persons on opposite sides of it to see each other. In addition, the glow of the lightning is sufficient to illuminate the area on either side of it up to a distance of 10'. Spells and missiles may be cast through the lightning curtain, but all missiles must successfully save versus electricity or be destroyed. The lightning curtain will not hinder any spells except for electrical attacks, which it will absorb.

The lightning curtain will persist for as long as the wizard concentrates upon it, or for two rounds plus one round per level if concentration is not maintained. The material components necessary for the spell are a piece of amber, a bit of fur, and a square of fine velvet.

Thunguul's Preservation.

Level: 5.
Compoments: V, M.
Range: 0.
CT: 5.
Dur.: 1d6 hours/level.
Save : None
Area of Effect: Caster.

Zala's uncle Thunguul was a powerful mage, though nowhere near his niece in skill. In his long lifetime he created just this one spell, an incantation designed to ' save the caster's life. Thunguul's preserva- tion drains and stores a portion of the caster's life energy, protecting it from nearly any harm. This energy is equal to 3d4 hp, but it can never exceed the caster's hit points at the time the spell is cast.

When the spell is cast, this energy is marked off the character's hit points; these points cannot be recovered except on the completion of the spell. If the char- acter's hit points drop below zero during the duration of the spell, he will seem to die, but when the spell expires, that life energy returns to the caster, bringing him back to life if he has fallen below zero hit points. This infusion of life energy is not a true resurrection because the character's life energy was never completly extinguished and because energy was safely hidden away. When energy returns, small (though possibly fatal) wounds vanish, but severed limbs not grow back and certain conditions, such as poisoning, disease, decapitation, incineration, disintegration, and so on, are not altered. If the PC's body is in a life threatening location, such as at the bottom of a lake, then true death occurs immediately unless the character can reach safety. Only one Thunguul's preser- vation can be in effect at any one time.

The material component is a special candle that costs 1,000 gp to prepare. The candle must be lit when the spell is cast and gradually burns down until the spell is completed. If the candle is blown out or destroyed prematurely, the life energy is lost and musft be recovered in the normal way.

Zala's Deception.

Level: 5.
Components: V, S.
Range: 0 .
CT: 5.
Dur.: 3 rds/lvl.
Save: None.
Area of Effect.: 0' radius circle.

This spell combines the wizard spells blink and mirror image. When cast, two or more exact duplicates of the caster appear within 50' and their actions duplicate exactly those of the wizard. In addition, the caster's true location jumps around among the images, as if he were affected by a blink spell. Unlike the images of a mirror image spell, this spell's illusory duplicates do not vanish if struck.

The spell creates 1d4 images plus 1 image for every five levels of the caster, so a l0th-level wizard creates ld4+2 images and a l5th-level wizard creates 1d4+3, to a maximum of ld4+5 at 25th level. The easter has considerable control over the images-they will not appear hovering in thin air unless the wizard wishes it, nor will they be facing walls or appear with their heads sticking into low ceilings. The caster also has some measure of control over placement of the images: if he takes an additional segment per image during casting, the images can be precisely placed within the area of effect, and can be set to face a certain way. The images can be dispelled normally and spells such as true sight can easily determine which are the images and which is the true wizard.

Always and Forever (bardic spell).

Level: 5
Range: touch
Duration: permanent
Effect: prepares an item to receive permanent enchantment

This spell is the Bardic equivalent of a Permanence spell, specifically designed for enchanting magical items, or living beings, with music. The spell is very difficult, taking 12 hours to cast and requiring three separate Intelligence Checks (1 per every 4 hours). If any one of these is failed, the spell is ruined, and the item to be enchanted cannot be used for this purpose again. If successful, however, the item may hold whatever spell is required (most typically a Songs of Life spell), and permit that spell to be recast once per day, per week, or per month, as specified in the original casting.

Note: the above casting-time is for the default "once per week" result. To cast an effect from the item once per day, inflict a -2 penalty to the Intelligence Check; for once per month, allow a +2 bonus. When Always and Forever is successfully cast on an item, roll 1d6; this is the number of spells which may be laid upon the enchanted item. If it is a living being that is enchanted, the result is always 1.

Enchanted musical instruments must be played to trigger their effects; human beings must sing to activate their enchantment. If the item enchanted is non-musical (a statue, for instance), some other means of activation must be found.

Contribution from : CQuaif@aol.com

Create Pocket Dimension

Level: 5
Range: 0' (caster only)
Duration: 1 turn/level of caster
Effect: Creates a temporary pocket dimension in any bag, pocket, or sack.

This spell, when cast upon any bag, pocket, or sack, converts the area within into a pocket dimension, having a capacity of up to 10,000 cn. The only real limitation is the size of the aperture of the container, and in this regard sacks are often the best   targets for this spell. As long as the item can fit through the opening, and there is enough capacity within thepocket dimension for it, it can fit inside. All items placed within the pocket dimension can be retrieved simply by reaching inside it and wishing to obtain it. If the item serving as the container for the pocket dimension is destroyed, or if the spell elapses while items are still within it, all items contained within the pocket dimension are lost forever.

contribution from Geoff Gander.