Armour Class: 3 (base 8)
Hit Dice: 3+3*** (M)
Move: 120' (40')
Attacks: 1 weapon or spell
Damage: by weapon +1 or spell
No. Appearing: 1 (1-6)
Save As: Fighter 3
Morale: 8
Treasure Type: V (G)
Intelligence: 13
Alignment: Any
XP Value: 125
Cleric: 150
M-U3: 125
M-U4: 225
M-U5: 675
M-U6: 1,175
M-U7: 2,050
Monster Type: Humaniod (Very Rare)

Aasimar are creatures that can't quite be called mortal. In their veins flows the blood of both mortals and Immortals. Aasimar are beautiful creatures, with calm, serene features and an inner radiance that shines from their faces. They've got long manes of white-gold hair and bright, piercing eyes that seem to look right though a person. It's easy to mistake an aasimar for a human of unnatural purity, a half-elf, or even an elf. Aasimar tend to be noble, honest, and courageous, but a person shouldn't always assume an aasimar means him well; there are a few cross-traders and mercenaries among the aasimar, despite their noble birth. There are other types of aasimar that are related to gnomes, dwarves and halflings, but these are extremely rare.

Aasimar are scattered throughout the Multiverse, but naturally avoid prolonged stays on any of the Entropic Planes. They usually dress to fit in with the population around them, so an aasimar living among the elven folk dresses like an elf and assumes many of his hosts' mannerisms. Where an aasimar's moved to great emotion, his heritage shines through his face like sunlight through clouds. There aren't many evil creatures who can look an angry aasimar in the eye.

Aasimar are upright and fair warriors with deep reserves of strength and faith (17 strength and 13 wisdom). Unfortunately, their mixed blood makes them somewhat frail (8 constitution). It's real hard to sneak up on an aasimar; they've got senses like a cat's it seems. All aasirnar have infravision to a range of 60' and are normally surprised only on a 1 due to their unnatural hearing and alertness. Aasimar suffer only half damage from fire and cold, and gain a +2 to saving throws versus any kind of mental influencing effect. Due to their immortal bloodline they enjoy a weak Anti- magic rating of 10%. They have the standard abilities of the mortal race they are spawned from as well.

The typical aasimar is a warrior. Most aasimar favour well-made heavy armour such as plate mail, banded mail or suit armour. They're likely to wear beautifully decorated suits, emblazoned with their coats-of-arms or other such finery; an aasimar likes to stand tall and proud, and doesn't care who knows it. Because aasimar seem to pick a lot of scraps with powerful evil creatures, they are fond of large weapons that take advantage of their natural strength. An aasimar'll rarely be seen with an assassin's weapon like a hand crossbow or poisoned dagger; they like big two-handed swords, halberds, and maces, and mighty long bows.

About 25% of all aasimar are clerics of 3rd-level. About 10% more are mages of 3rd to 7th level. Aasimar mages do not gain the 10% Anti-magic rating of the race.

As noted above, aasimar prefer to blend in with their neighbours and form no independent societies. They tend to be great travellers and wanderers and can pass without notice in most places. Some aasimar set themselves up as traders and merchants; these do a good business since everyone feels they're trustworthy. Aasimar's expertise at fitting in with their settings makes them model citizens. They are upright and honest in their dealings, live clean and moral lives, and aren't afraid to stand up for what's right. They've got an uncanny ability to ferret out underhanded schemes and put a stop to them.

Terrain: Any