Elf, Black

Sphere: Entropy
Status: Exalted
Power Points: 100
Anti-Magic: 25:%
Armour Class: 0
Hit Dice: 10*********
Hit Points: 50
Move: 120' (40')
Attacks: One Weapon (Spear, sword, battleaxe, short bow, long bow)
Damage: by weapon
No. Appearing: 1 (1d3)
Save As: IM1
Morale: Special
Treasure Type: D
Intelligence: 1d8+17
Alignment: Chaotic (in AD&D: any Evil)
XP Value: 12,850 (1PP)

Black elves, also referred to as Dark elves or Dock-alfar/svartalfar, are White Elves who were corrupted by the secret whispers of Loki. They now live on Lokis Homeplane Svartalfheim. The Black elves are pale vampire like elves with black or red hair. They are always surrounded by unnatural shadows, obscuring their figures. Black Elves make no sound when moving. When they speak it sound like they are whispering.

The Black elves have had some contact with the Moulder Dwarves of the Northern Reaches, and have taught these dwarves secret magical rituals. Many Moulder Dwarves are puppets of Black elf plots. Black elves are motivated my greed for power and magic and are creatures of deception rather than violence. They are not brave and will rather flee than risk serious injury.

Special abilities: These elves are exalted creatures who can be killed. Like Immortals they can spend TP to gain the abilities of 36th level spellcasters. They do not need to eat sleep or breathe. They are Immune to energy Drain, disease, ageing and Immortal-level ESP spells. They only have one form and can not have a mortal identity. It takes a weapon +3 or greater to harm them. Black Elves have Anti-Magic, but are affected by moral magic.

Characteristics: Ability scores for White Elves is determined as following Str, Con, Wis: 1d6+14; Dex, Int and Cha: 1d8+17.

Where found: Svartalfheim or anywhere else.