Blessed One


Armour Class: By armour
Hit Dice: 5** (M) or (L)
Horror Rating: 4
Move: 90' (30')
Attacks: By weapon or 2 claws or special
Damage: By weapon +1 or 2d4/2d4 + poison or special
No. Appearing: 1d4 (2d6)
Save As: F5
Morale: 9
Treasure Type: U
Intelligence: 12
Alignment: Chaotic
XP Value: 425

Blessed Ones are worshippers of the Outer Beings who have been given a "gift" by their otherworldly masters for dutiful service. They can be either human, demihuman, or humanoid in origin; the common element linking them together is the fact that they were all mutated by the magic of the Outer Beings into their current forms. Although humanoid in shape, and in most cases able to wear armour, there is no one set description for Blessed Ones - their mutations can take any form, and may come in all sizes, though there is a general range of them that appear most frequently. Generally speaking, Blessed Ones are quite horrible to behold.

Among cabals of Outer Being worshippers, Blessed Ones are often considered to be lesser avatars of their evil masters, with their utterings viewed as holy proclamations. In truth, most Blessed Ones have been driven insane by their transformations, and only rarely do they say anything coherent. Some are horrified at what they have become, but at the same time are too deeply under the influence of the Outer Beings to break free. Driven by their inhuman masters, the Blessed Ones frequently serve as powerful soldiers in any conflicts with those who would put an end to the Outer Beings' plans for Mystara.

In addition to being able to use conventional weapons, all Blessed Ones possess long razor-sharp claws, identical to those gained by spellcasters using the rending claw spell. Unlike the spell, however, a Blessed One's claws are retractable, allowing it the option of using a weapon. Any person hit by a Blessed One's claws must make a save vs. Poison or fall violently ill for 1d4 days (during which no actions are possible), in addition to taking damage.

A third type of attack is based upon what type of Blessed One is encountered. Although all Blessed Ones are almost identical in terms of statistics and experience point value, there are variations in the type of transformation forced upon them by the Outer Beings. There are equal numbers of each type, so discretion is left to the DM to determine which ones are encountered. The three types will be briefly described, as well as how they differ from each other and the statistics given above:

Armoured Blessed Ones have thick, armoured skins, greatly resembling an insect's carapace, but with thorny protrusions. These creatures have an armour class of 1. In addition to having added protection, this type of Blessed One may slash at an opponent with its thorns, doing 2d4 damage per hit, due to extreme sharpness. This constitutes its "special" attack.

Tentacled Blessed Ones have six tentacles extending from their bodies in various locations. Each of these is capable of whipping an opponent for 1d6 damage per hit; no more than three targets may be chosen each round. In addition, numerous tiny tentacles sprout from their faces, further increasing their hideousness (this subgroup has a Horror Rating of 6).

Infested Blessed Ones are carriers of disease and parasites. Their bodies are covered with boils and lesions, and they reek of filth and decay; everyone standing within five feet of such a creature must make a save vs. Poison or suffer a -2 penalty on all attacks, saving throws, and skill checks due to the intense smell. Also, this type of Blessed One, whenever it hits an opponent with its clawed attack, will infect the opponent with a wasting disease. Unless a save vs. Poison is made, the victim's Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, and Charisma will be halved (rounding down). Movement is also reduced to one-third the normal rate. The victim will remain in this state until treated with a cure disease spell cast by a cleric of 20th level or higher.

Other abilities possessed by Blessed Ones include the ability to communicate telepathically with other Outer Being worshippers within one mile, and the ability to cast shield and cause fear twice per day. They may also wield items and weapons crafted by the power of the Outer Beings without suffering any ill effects, such as attempts to possess the wielder. Blessed Ones, like many other servants of the Outer Beings, may be harmed by holy water, taking damage as regular undead when in contact with it. The substance known as evilbane essence is especially dangerous to them; coming into contact with the slightest amount of it forces them to make a save vs. Poison or die.