The Cestian Gobbler.

Cestian Gobbler

Armor Class: 6.

Hit Dice: 3-6 * * * ( 1 HD per tentacle) .

Move: Nil.

Attacks: l per tentacle, plus l cluster of tendrils.

Damage: Entangle and paralysis; ld12 per round.

No. Appearing : n/a.

Save As: Fighter 3-6.

Morale: Nil.

Treasure Type: V.

Alignment: neutral.

XP Value: l25 (3 tentacles); 225 (4 tentacles); 550 (5 tentacles); 950 (6 tentacles)

The Cestian gobbler is a gray-brown plant that might be  found in any tropical wilderness. It hides beneath mosses or dead branches in muddy holes. The gobbler consists of a hollow trunk, 3-6 tentacles spaced evenly around a  sphincter-shaped mouth, and a cluster of small tendrils that can protrude from the mouth. Cestian gobblers never grow within 60' of each other.

A gobbler surprises any prey walking past it on a roll of l-2 on ld6, attacking with its tentacles. After a succfessful attack, the victim is entangled and rnust Save vs. Poison or be paralyzed. Although nearly instantaneous in effect, the paralysis lasts only l-6 rounds after the victim is pulled away from the gobbler. An unparalyzed victim must pass a Stnength check with a - l cumulative penalty for each Hit Die the creature has and for each tentacle holding the victim. A roll of 1 always indicates the victim has freed himself, a roll of 20 always indicates failure. Tentacles reach lengths of 12', plus 3' per Hit Die. The gobbler can attack as nmany victims as it has tentacles, but the gobbler only senses creatures that walk on the ground within 30' of the plant's trunk.

The gobbler needs a full round to pull a victim toward its mouth. There, a cluster of translucent tendrils comes out and must score a to-hit roll to attach itself to the victim and draw out its blood. The tendrils cause 1-12 hp damage at the end of each subsequent round until the victim dies or is rescued, or until the plant is slain. A dead victim is swallowed whole into the gobbler's trunk, where it is eventually digested. Various treasures belonging to previous victims may be found at the bottom of the hollow, fluidfilled trunk.

Cestian gobblers of 6-HD size have a 10% chance of developing an Intelligence score of 2d6 + l. These creatures are capable of ermpathy and may use bait to attract their prey (paralyzed animals, treasures, rags, etc.). A gobbler reproduces once a year.

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