Elven Hound

Int: animal / 4
All: Neutral (with good tendencies)
Number: 1-8
AC: 5
MV: 18 (sprint 24 for 5 rounds then for 5 rounds MV 15)
TD: 3+3
TACO: 17
Att: 3

Damage: 2-8/1-4/1-4
Special: spring (overtrow) the cooshee count here as G so it get a +4 bonus on its throw.
While it sits on its enemy it gets +4 on its attack roll. The enemy can make a Str. check to become free of the Cooshee
The Cooshee can Surprise enemys with -4
Special def: Hide 75% invi (like elves) in natural enviroment. the cooshee can move with normal speed.
Magical resistance.: NIL
Size: M / 4 feet (160-300 pound)
Moral: 12
Exp: 270
Description: Green gray with brown dots