The Night Dragon

Lesser Greater
Armor Class 0 -5
Hit Dice 9**** 20*****
Move 90' (30') 150' (50')
Fying move 240' (80') 360' (120')
Attacks Up to 7 Up to 7
Breath Cloud 50'.40'.30' 50'.50'.30'
Breath Effect Darkness Darkness
# Appearing 1-4 (1-4) 1 (1)
Save As Fighter 9 Fighter 36
Morale 9 11
Treasure Type H 2H , I
Alignement Chaotic Chaotic
XP Value 4,400 18,500

Night Dragons are particularly chaotic dragons that have become the undead servants of Immortals in the Sphere of Entropy. Night Dragons are sometimes sent to the prime material plane to accomplish a mission for their masters. For example, after the destruction of Oceania, Synn (a greater dragon) was allowed to remain and guard an ancient secret in her lair. She looks like the shadow of a dragon, totally black, except for her eyes that glow slightly. Very faint shimmering of dark blue or purple reveal some of Synn's physical features, such as scales and muscles. Night dragons are solid on the prime material plane.

Night dragons are masters of guile and treachery. They feed off the sorrow they inf'lict upon their victims. They torment and curse a foe rather than destroy it. Phvsical combat is not viewed as a mean of achieving their goals; lies are far more acceptable.

The breath of a night dragon causes a billowing cloud of absolute darkness. Any living being in the area of effect must Save vs. Breath Weapon or fall unconscious. The da rkness dissipates in 1d6 turns. The breath cannot be used in windy areas.

Night dragons have the ability to enter the plane of entropy through any area of absolute darkness. In most cases, the dragon uses its breath to cause darkness, then disappear into the other plane. Likewise, it may reappear only from a dark spot.

A greater dragon may wrap its wings around an unconscious foe, which causes the victim's soul to be trapped in the plane of entropy. The body is either destroyed or, more likely, possessed by the dragon. It retains its intellect and memories, and becomes a fanatic follower of the dragon. Minor foes often are transformed into bats, which are then used as spies. A night dragon maintains a telepathic link with its followers that allows it to see and hear through them (except in the Hollow World).

Greater dragons like Synn are granted one wish per century they spend on the prime material plane, in addition to their spells. Night dragons use wizard spells.

Lesser dragon spells: four lst level, four 2nd level.

Greater dragon spells: five 1st level. five 2nd level, four 3rd level, three 4th level, two 5th level.

Synn, as an exemple of this species, often has the following spells: charm person( X 2), read languages, ,shield, ventriloquism, continual darkness, detect invisible, ESP, invisibility, phantasmal force, clairvoyance, dispel magic, haste, protection from good l0' radius, curse, polymorph self, wizard eye, magic jar, teleport.

A lesser dragon inflicts 3d10 hp damage with a bite, and 1d6 + 1 hp damage with its claws.A greater dragon inflicts 4d8 + 8 hp damage with its bite, and ldl2 + 2 hp with its claws. A successful blow from any night dragon is similar to the touch of a ghoul, producing a Save vs. Paralysis.

Night dragons are particularly vulnerable to light and spells affecting undead. A light spell causes 1d10 hp damage to the monster. A raise dead will destroy a lesser dragon, or inflict 3d10 hp damage on a greater dragon. Direct sunlight from the Outer world sun will destroy any of these dragons. Both dragons require at least + 1 magical weapons to be hit.

A cleric can turn a lesser dragon as a vampire, and a greater dragon as a nightshade (see the D&D Companion Set, Player's Companion, page 1 ). These dragons cannot be turned within 10 miles of their lairs or on the plane of entropy.