Purple Dragon

Purple Dragon(Small):
AC -3
HD 12***
Mv 120'(40')
Att 2 claws/bite
D 2-9/2-9/7-42
No App 1-2(1-2)
Save F10
Morale 11
Tr Type H
Align C
XPV 3475

The Purple Dragon originated in an area of magical chaos, located in the Northern Tanagoro Plains(Hollow World)

It has a natural enmity for all other dragons, which it considers a perversion of the true dragon(itself). It will attack all other dragons, regardless of AL on sight. Pearl(?) does not consider purple dragons to be a legitimate part of his draconic followers.

They are solitary creatures, only seen in pairs when mated(not too common for young dragons). Also their relative rarity makes it hard for them to find a mate. (Note: This means you may want to weight the d2 on #App towards 1)

They are omnivorous, and are cursed with near-continual hunger. This behaviour of being extreme ravenous makes them impossible to negotiate/talk with. Even flattery doesn't stall them from attack. This also hinders them, in that they are not as likely to plan an attack, but more likely charge into battle.(You may want to give them a berserk side if they're especially hungry)

As their fly-rate indicates, they are a mostly grounded dragon, with very weak wings. This limits the heights in which they live, forcing them to be a plains creature(Note: They like to feed on herds on Auroch) On the average, they are relatively dumb(as dragons go), but they still crave knowledge. Unfortunately, their constant hunger eliminates much of the chance they'll gain this knowledge.

Breath Weapon- Cloud of Weakening(50'X40')(D = 1 Pt+ 1-4 Str for 1-6 hours) Spec Defence-Immune to all other breath weapons(save Immortal Dragons) Always cast spells (2/2/1)

Large Purple Dragon-only 1 in existence due to new appearance of Purple Dragons

AC -5
HD 18****
XPV 7525
MV 120'(40')
Fly 30'(10')
Att 3
D d10+2/d10+2/9D6
No App 1(Unique currently)
Save F15
Morale 12
Align C

Same as Small Purple Dragon in behaviour, but slightly smarter(equiv to small green)

Breath Weapon Damage(Dimensions same as small)- 1/5 HP(save for 1/10) + 2-8 Str Points(Save for 1-3)