Shadow Elves

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This file is a rules addition to the D&D(R) accessory GAZ13 The Shadow Elves, created by Carl Sargent and Gary Thomas, edited by John Nephew (1990). As the MYSTARA(R) folder here shows, shadow elves are a very popular facet of the Known World. Now that the MYSTARA campaign has become an AD&D(R) setting, here is what you need to know to play shadow-elf player characters. As usual, it's assumed that the character you play will not be evil and will probably be an outcast from his less-than-lovable (at least as far as most surface-worlders are concerned) society.

Ability Score Modifications
+1 to Intelligence
+1 to Dexterity
-1 to Constitution
-1 to Charisma

Racial Ability Requirements
Strength 3/18
Dexterity 7/18
Constitution 3/18
Intelligence 9/18
Wisdom 4/18
Charisma 3/18

Class and Level Limits
Maximum Level
Fighter 15
Ranger N/A
Paladin N/A
Cleric 15
Druid N/A
Wizard 18
Thief 10
Bard N/A

(Note that these levels are higher, in most cases, than those for standard elves.)

Multi-class Options: Fighter/Mage, Thief/Mage, Cleric/Mage

Fighters are commonly found in any society, of any race, and these elves are no exception. However, there are no shadow-elf rangers or paladins.

Shadow-elf clerics are called shamans (not to be confused with the shamans of the humanoids in the Complete Book of Humanoids, or shamans in the upcoming Shaman product). These individuals are among the most respected members of their society. Shadow elves have no equivalent to the druid class (nor any need for such). Shamans have access to a broad base of spells, including the following spheres: All, Charm, Divination, Elemental, Healing, Necromantic, and Protection. They do not worship standard gods, instead following the Immortal Rafiel alone (see GAZ13 for details).

Magic and wizards are very important to shadow-elf society. Shadow elves can be mages, or else specialists in the Conjuration, Enchantment/Charm, Alteration, and Illusion schools.

Though a few thieves exist in the realms of the shadow elves, it is not a profession that they excel at, nor is it one they respect. Thieves are at the lowest rung of their society, but they do exist. There are no shadow-elf bards.

Special Abilities
Infravision for shadow elves extends 90 feet, half again as far as that of their surface cousins. Like all elves, they are 90% resistant to sleep and charm spells, but in addition they are completely immune to the paralyzing effect of any undead creature. Other types of paralysis does work against them. Shadow elves find secret and concealed doors with the same skill as other elves. Their language is a dialect of surface world elves (since they descended from them centuries ago), and many are familiar with the languages of the other underworld races such as gnolls, orcs, and hobgoblins.
Shadow elves have the same chance to surprise foes as normal elves, but only in underground settings, or at night above ground. Unlike surface elves, these elves do not get a +1 bonus with a sword or bow.

Age and Appearance
Shadow elves have the same standard life span and age requirements as normal (high) elves. They are slightly smaller and slimmer. Their ears are larger and their flesh is extremely pale. Their hair is often white, following a general trend toward albinism from their long subterranean existence.

Role-Playing Suggestions
Despite their reputation, shadow elves don't have to be evil. As a general rule, however, they don't like surface world elves, or for that matter, any surface worlder, or for that matter, anyone else but other shadow elves. They are an insular society, but a few outcasts or exceptional individuals could break their societal norms to adventure with a group of surface worlders. A negative reaction adjustment of, say, -4 applies to any surface worlder meeting a shadow-elf PC, and one of -6 is gained from other elves from the MYSTARA campaign. For the most part, shadow elves must skulk in the shadows (no pun intended) of surface-world society, unless they really make a good reputation for themselves as individual heroes.

Last Notes (from Roger E. Moore) Shadow elves are unknown on any other world in the AD&D game multiverse except the MYSTARA campaign, though individuals can travel wherever they like, using spells, devices, magical interworld gateways, or elements of the SPELLJAMMER(R) or PLANESCAPE(TM) campaigns.
In addition, note that the MYSTARA campaign has undergone major geopolitical changes in recent years, following the events in the Wrath of the Immortals boxed set, the three Poor Wizard's Almanacs, and Joshuan's Almanac (due out December 1995). Shadow elves have fought their way to the surface world and now control their own kingdom, Aengmor, which is completely surrounded by Darokin. (Aengmor was formerly known as the elven kingdom Alfheim.) Consider the information in this file and GAZ13 to be the most accurate "pre-WotI" data available.

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