The Silver Dragon


  Small Large Huge
Armour Class: 2 0 -2
Hit Dice: 5** 10*** 15****
Move: 90' (30') 120' (40') 150' (50')
Flying Move: 240' (80') 300' (100') 360' (120')
  Ground: 2 claws/1 bite 2 claws/1 bite 2 claws/1 bite
  Air: Up to 6 Up to 6 Up to 6
Damage: See Below See Below See Below
Breath Cone: 90'x30' 135'x30' 180'x30'
Number Appearing: 1d4 (1d4) 1d3 (1d3) 1d2 (1d2)
Save As: Elf 5 Elf 10 Elf 15
Morale: 10 10 10
Treasure Type: F Fx2, G Fx2, Gx2, O
Intelligence: 9 12 15
Alignment: Lawful Lawful Lawful
XP Value: 975 4,750 9,000

Dragon Breath Weapon, Talking/Spell Use and Asleep

Breath Weapon Breath Shape Chance of Talking/Spells Chance of Being Asleep
Paralytic Gas Cone 100% 5%

Dragon Damage

Size Bite or Crush Claws, Kicks, Tail and Wings
Small 2d8 1d4 each
Large 2d8+4 1d6+1 each
Huge 2d8+8 1d8+2
Silver Dragon Spells 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Small 5 5 4 3 - -
Large 5 5 5 4 3 -
Huge 6 6 5 5 4 4

Very rarely seen, silver dragons are similar in size to white and crystal dragons. They are highly magical in nature, being superior to even gold dragons. They are interested in locating and devising magical spells and items and spend great amounts of time in and around large communities and cities, especially those that lay along trade routes. Like golds, silver dragons can polymorph into a humanoid form. Silver dragons are restricted to one specific humanoid identity however. Usually this is elven or half-elven, as silver dragons may cast their spells in either form and elves are known for their magical inclinations.

The breath weapon of silver dragons is a cone of paralytic gas. Creatures in the area of effect that fail their saving throw vs breath weapon are paralysed for 1 turn. Those making the save are slowed for 5 rounds (as the spell).

Silver dragons lair in mountains near a large city. They travel far afield in search of food, so as not to attract attention of a dragon in the area. They are atypical of most others of their kind as they thrive on the company of the mammal races, especially humans and elves. Most silvers have a wilderness lair and a "lair" in a nearby town.

Silver dragons have all the standard attack and defence modes of all dragons (Rules Cyclopedia p170).