AC 2

HD 10****

Mv 90'(30')

Att 1 touch or spell; aura

D d10+shock or by spell effect; special

No App 1(d4)

Saveas MU15

Morale 11

TType A

Intelligence 14

Align C

XPV 4000

THAC0 10

Spells as MU5(2/2/1)

Shocking Touch - save(wands) or stunned for 2d10 rounds

Aura of light - Within 10' must save(spells) or blinded for 2d4 rounds

Starglows were magical creations of a crazy Schattenalfen Mage many years ago. She created them in order to strike at the Kogolors(this was when the Schattenalfen 1st arrived in the Hollow World). They were mostly destroyed when the Kogolors reclaimed the land under Denwarf, but some still exist. They live in the back country of the Kogolor Mountains and in nearby caverns. They require no feed or air, and do not have a means to reproduce. So the only starglows around are the original ones.

They appear as 7' tall glowing humans. They have a great animosity to many creatures: the dwarves whom they were invented to destroy, the shadow elves who forced them into a losing battle(and all elves as a result) and the practitioners of magic who they feel as betrayers to them, who create beings with no regard for their creations.

Starglows tend to be reclusive, due to their limited number. The fact they require no food helps them in their quest to stay alive, as they never have to venture into populated lands(though they sometimes go just to kill mages, elves and dwarves)