Swamp Thing

AC -2

HD 14**

Mv 60'(20')

At Touch/spit

D d8/special

No 1(d4)

Sv F14

Mrle 9

TType I

Align C

XPV 3500


+1 weapon needed to hit

Spit - corrosive acid (4d10 to bare skin):destroys armour(+1 permanent to AC) chance of successful corrosion:90% for normal armour, 60% for +1, 40% for +2 and 10% less for each following plus

Blunt Weapons do 1/2 Damage

Edged Weapons divide it into 2 equal strength halves and do no damage(1st hit into HD 7,HD7 with HP equally split second hit into HD4,HD4,HP equally split, etc)

Fire does double damage

Cold slows

Lightning does 1/2 damage

Live in Swamps(duh)

Surprise on 5d6 when hiding in Swamp;3d6 normal in swamp;2d6 in darkish lands;1d6 in open

Swamp Things are predators that dwell in the Malpheggi Swamps. They are very territorial, and are often problems for the Lizard Men clearing those lands. They attack all humanoids entering their lands, but ignore others. They allow animals, insects and plants to live freely but allow no sentient creature into their lands(which tend to be small pockets of swamp)