Sphere: Thought
Status: Exalted
Power Points: 200
Anti-Magic: 25:%
Armour Class: 0
Hit Dice: 16*********
Hit Points: 80
Move: 120' (40')
Flying: 180' (60')
Attacks: One Weapon (Longsword, Spear, battleaxe, short bow)
Damage: by weapon
No. Appearing: 1 (1-6)
Save As: IM1
Morale: Special
Treasure Type: n/a
Intelligence: 1d8+25
Alignment: Lawful
XP Value: 12,850 (1PP)

Valkyres are the servants of Odin. They are warrior women who search the battlefields for souls worthy of serving Odin in his army of Einherjar. The Valkyres look like strong beautiful women wearing chain mail armour and metal helmets. They can fly at will, but usually ride flying horses or pegasi. (statistics of flying horses are the same as those of the pegasi, but these do not have wings). Valkyres are feared by mortals. They serve the aspect of Odin as the Immortal of Death. If mortal should slay a Valkyre, she will return on right before the battle where her killer will be slain and give him a kiss. That warrior will never be allowed to enter Aasgard or any plane controlled by Odin and his allies. Valkyres are often found on Limbo, the plane of restless souls where they lead the find the souls of warriors and lead them to Valhalla. Most outer planar beings stay away from the Valkyres as they know that hindering a Valkyre will not only be dangerous in terms of having to fight the Valkyre, but it will also give them the eternal enmity of Odin himself.

Special abilities: Valkyres are exalted creatures. Like Immortals they can spend TP to gain the abilities of 36th level spellcasters. They do not need to eat sleep or breathe. They are Immune to energy Drain, disease, ageing and Immortal-level ESP spells. They only have one form and can not have a mortal identity. It takes a weapon +3 or greater to harm them. They have Anti-Magic, but are affected by moral magic. When a Valkyre is reduced to 0 hp her body perishes and her life-force is returned to Valhalla where it can be given a new body by Odin.

Characteristics: Ability scores are 1d8+25, except charisma which is 1d12+2

Where found: In Valhalla, on Limbo or elsewhere