King Vampire

AC 0

HD 16****

Mv 120'(40')

Fly 180'(60')

Att Touch

Damage 2d10+2 level drain(note: if you dislike the level drain concept, substitute the equivalent in your campaign. I'm just using standard D&D terms so it's easier to understand)

No.App 1-2(1-2)

Save as C32

Morale 12

TrType H, F

Alignm C

XPV 6250

Intell Base 16

A King Vampire is created when a vampire defeats a mortal more than 2X their level(or HD)-- the king vampire rises after 1 month and immediately gains control over its killer(there is nothing the vampire can do to stop this)

King Vampires do not require coffins

King Vampires have none of the weaknesses of normal vampires(or Velya)

Charm Gaze is saved at -2

These creatures regenerate 3 HP / round(and can regenerate from any attack)

They can cast the following # of spells an infinite # of times/day(but only 1nce a round and in place of normal attacks - save is as vs. MU24): Hold Person, Cause Fear, Blind -- All of these spells are area effect(use an area you feel is reasonable - I think fireball radius is good)

A +1 weapon is needed to injure this undead

They are turned as Nightshades

King Vampires die permanently if reduced to 0 HP

These creatures have standard undead immunities

King Vampires do not get the shapechange of standard vamps

Changes to summoning: same as Vampire, but can also summon d2 Vampires, d2 Nosferatu or d2 Velya from within 1 mile(Note: The creatures will not go to illegal terrain - Vamps over water or Velya out of water)