The Vulcanian Sloth.


Armor Class 6

Hit Dice 45

Move 120' (40')

Attacks 2 claws, 1 bite Damage 2-12/2-12/3-36 1

No. Appearing 1 (1-2)

Save As Fighte 25

Morale 7

Treasure Type NiI

Intelligence 4

Alignment = lawful

XP Value = 8,500

The Vulcanian sloth is a gargantuan monster living in the region that stretches from the southernmost coastline of Vulcania in the Outer-World to the area south of the White Peninsula in the Hollow World. Although rare, it is more likely to be found in the Dark Lands at the southern entrance of the Hollow World. Unlike other sloths, this one is carnivorous.

The sloth grows to be 60' long. Its front paws have very sharp claws useful in combat or to grip the ice, and their width allows it to walk on thick snow. The sloth's thick white fur provides excellent protection against antarctic temperatures.

Though semi-intelligent, the sloth is eapable of limited reasoning. It has the ability to communicate its feelings and to read other beings' minds by empathy, a nonmagical and natural ability the sloth uses when it meets another creature act~ ing in a friendly or unexpected fashion. Particular individuals and events affecting the sloth's life are usually remembered. The Vulcanian sloth can live to be 150 years old. Once every 10 years, it digs a large burrow in the ice and finds a mate. No more than two adult sloths will be found in the lair, in addition to 1-2 pups 10% chance).

Sloths normally hunt alone, digging tnrough ice to dive for whales, seals, walruses, and large fish. They occasionally surprise surface dwellers by swimming under ice, then suddenly smashing through the ice to attack.

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