The BASIC Series

Code Title Description Setting in Mystara Cover
Year 1981 Dungeones & Dragons Basic Set Rules Supplement Explicit basic1stsm.jpg (5874 octets)
Year 1983 Dungeones & Dragons Basic Rules Set 1 Rules Supplement Explicit

dndbsc.gif (5861 octets)

B1 In Search of the Unknown Adventure Implicit b1sm.jpg (5287 octets)
B2 The Keep on the Borderlands Adventure Implicit b2sm.jpg (5176 octets)
B3 The Palace of the Silver Princess Adventure Implicit b3sm.jpg (5840 octets)
B4 The Lost City Adventure Explicit b4sm.jpg (4537 octets)
B5 Horror on the Hill Adventure Implicit b5sm.jpg (5307 octets)
B6 The Veiled Society Adventure Explicit b6sm.jpg (4864 octets)
B7 Rahasia Adventure Implicit b7sm.jpg (5046 octets)
B8 Journey to the Rock Adventure Implicit b8sm.jpg (5742 octets)
B9 Castle Caldwell and Beyond Adventure Implicit b9sm.jpg (5823 octets)
B1-9 In Search of Adventure Adventure Explicit  
B10 Night's Dark Terror Adventure Explicit b10sm.jpg (5176 octets)
B11 King's Festival Adventure Explicit b11sm.jpg (5427 octets)
B12 Queen's Harvest Adventure Explicit b12sm.jpg (4963 octets)
BSOLO Ghost of Lion Castle Adventure Explicit