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Mikail Zirchevski

by micky

Note. IMC Ezechial Naramis was not killed off since there was no meteor or crater and the Blue Dracologist mentioned in the write-up is one of the player characters in the campaign so I left his 'opponent' sort of vague and could be any of the neutral or lawful Dracologists.

Mikail Zirchevski

I. Appearance

Constantly mentioned five years running in market place tabloids as one of the most gorgeous men in Glantri (though in the ‘off the market’ category). Mikail Zirchevski is a handsome man any way you cut it. Always dressed in latest fashions that accent his physique perfectly. Standing six feet tall and weighing a tad over 160 pounds he is not particularly muscle bound but has not a ounce of fat on him. Unblemished skin to the naked eye and with thick hair that comes down to his shoulders he is the dream of many women. Loves to wear black which contrast nicely against his pale white skin.

II. Personality

Not one to stop and smell the roses Mikail is a driven individual. He has lived his life ruled by his passions, revenge, knowledge, to be foremost in his field of expertise. To this point in his life it has left him a frustrated individual. He was unable to exact revenge for his father, he knows that he has a rival in draconic study that he may never top. He pours his frustration into magical study hoping one day to use brute magic to overcome those that stand in his way. He has a very high opinion of himself and his abilities which have made his failures harder to swallow and made him a bitter man. Very aloof even among fellow mages and barely recognising non-arcaners, his social skills are not as well developed as his magical abilities are. The only people he truly feels love and affection for are his wife and child. While he is the object of forbidden desire for many young ladies Mikail is often oblivious to it and even if he wasn’t he wouldn’t ever think of dabbling outside of his marriage. He loves his wife deeply, and fears his mother-in-law even more.

III. Background

Mikail was born in Kopstar in 979 and was the first and only child of Sergei Zirchevski, an arcaner and merchant and Aaltje Schoonhoven who was an alchemist and from a middle class family of perfume designers . He had a happy and stable childhood and like his parents showed an infinity for magic and was sent off to Glantri City to study at the Great School. While away at the Great School as a teenager his father disappeared while trying to explore and exploit a rumoured direct trade route to Wendar through the Wendarian Mountains. His mother commissioned an adventuring party to find him, and find him they did as they were captured and led to the lair of the mighty ruler of the Dragon Realm of Amanthyr, the feared red dragon Amanth. One of the party was allowed to return to Glantri.. with a warning to stay out of her realm, but not after seeing her party including Mikail's father devoured by Amanth and her bodyguards.

When Mikail learned of his father and how he died he withdrew from the Great School to tend to his devastated mother. Mikail returned to the school a year later and swore to have his revenge and dedicated himself to learning all he could of dragons. His 'interest' in Dragons and funnelling his rage and sorrow into his magical studies caught the eye of the masters of the Secret Craft of Dracology who sponsored him into the secret craft. Mikail graduated from the Great School in 998 and when on the adventuring path. After a couple of years adventuring in Norwold he felt he had progressed enough as a wizard to avenge his father and so returned home to prepare for a show-down with Amanth. Mikail and his party fought their way to Amanth's stronghold where he announced to her that her death would be revenge for his father. Unfortunately though his party was overwhelmed by Amanth and were forced to run for their lives. Mikail bore the brunt of Amanth and she mocked the use of his puny dracologist abilities and was close to death by the time they made it out of the mountains and back to Ft. Nordling. After a few close calls he recovered from near death though he still bears the physical scars of that encounter with scars to his chest where Amanth gouged him with a claw. The taunts of the dragon as they ran still haunt him to this day telling him just how tasty his father was. Bad dragon indeed.

He retired from adventuring after that failed attack and lived with his mother and spent a happy year with her until she passed away. While he was in Kopstar he met and fell in love with Andara Verlien, daughter of the Count of High Sonden and they were married in 1002 and moved to Glantri City. Andara became pregnant with their first child soon after and in 1003 their daughter Katya was born and showed amazing magical ability as an infant. Mikail became an instructor at the Great School in conjunction with their move to the capital, teaching Dragon biology and psychology and becoming a prominent member of the Secret Craft. It is rumoured that he might be interested in taking a barony and joining the ranks of the nobility if the opportunity presents itself.

IV. Web of Intrigue

Fully ensconced in the world of academia in Glantri City and the Great School Mikail has made a name for himself in intellectual circles. His classes at the Great School have always been popular with the ladies who struggle to focus on his fascinating lessons about draconic politics, while un-dressing him with their eyes haha. Currently is deeply involved in a bitter philosophical power struggle within the Secret Craft of Dracology. There are two opposing schools of thought within the secret craft regarding the uses of their abilities. One quietly promoted by Prinz Jaggar through the 2nd ranking Dracologist in the craft, a 4th circle blue Dracologist who shares Jaggar’s belief that the purpose and reason for the groups existence is to study and understand dragons. While Mikail, though neutral in alignment has allied with the chaotic Dracologists and their leader Ezechial Naramis and believes the purpose of the Secret Craft is learn to use Draconic abilities to further to their own power to combine the power of Dragons and their own wizardry power. Mikail, unaware of Jaggar’s subtle influence in the matter and thinking that he would support their faction due to his reputation as a dragon hunter, has come to hate his rival and is making plans to eliminate the Blue Dracologist. He may come to find though that that engaging Amanth in her lair was not the worst choice of opponents he could have chosen but time will tell if this philosophical schism will evolve into full blown violence.

V. Statistics & Style of Magic

15th Level Wizard, 3rd circle Dracologist ( soon will be studying for the 4th circle)

S-12 I-17 W-11 D-12 Con-13 Chr-16

As befitting a White Dracologist Mikail loves to use cold based spells and always has a couple Ice Storm spells memorised and at the ready. He has an impressive array of magical items relating to fire and cold based attack and defence. Though retired from adventuring he still harbours a desire to mount Amanth’s head over his fireplace in his manor. As such he is always on the look out for the latest in offensive and defensive related spells.

‘why are the good ones married, if he wasn’t I would …..’
*rest of sentence rated NC-17 by the Glantrian Moral Majority for a better Glantri*

(Monique D'Ambreville to one of her classmates during Mikail’s lecture on the process of draconic sublimation)