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The Pragmati

by Glen Welch

The most elite assassin's guild in the Known World, the Pragmati are to most a tale used to scare children to sleep. Rather than just greedy killers, the Pragmati are known for their selective nature. They focus on removing individuals that would upset the balance in the world.

Originally the Executioner's Guild formed right after the founding of Glantri, the Pragmati separated themselves from the nation's politics after one of the Princes attempted to make them his personal assassins. The leadership of the Pragmati came to the conclusion in their rebuilding that their must be balance in the world, that chaos and stagnation are a bane to civilized life, and that they must do anything necessary to maintain the balance.

There is no stereotypical Pragmati. The organization recruits people from all walks of life of any race, profession or morality. As long as balance is maintained, the Pragmati don't care who works for it.

The Pragmati live up their name, being extremely practical in their methods. They do not condone wanton slaughter, eliminating a target's guards is acceptable, but not an entire family. Death isn't always necessary, removing a corrupt noble through scandal is often just as effective.

Motto. Solo Affari (Just Business)

Beliefs. The Pragmati's beliefs can be summarized as follows: Kill one to save a hundred.

A single dagger is more effective than a thousand swords. Stability is the goal, the method doesn't matter.

Goals. Maintain the balance through removal of threats.

Typical Quests. Remove a corrupt noble from power. Eliminate a threat to civilization early.

The titles are the Italian words for Blunt, Hand, Trusted, Tutor and Wizened, since the guild's origins are from Caurenze.