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More stuff about Saasskas

by Aaron Nowack

Saasskas's Manifestation Forms

Saasskas has two main manifestation forms. The first of these is that of a gigantic devilfish, and is the form which she appears to her devilfish worshipers as. She also has a mortal identity corresponding to this form, for when her presence is required on the Prime. Her second form is identical to that of the lesser Hissing Demons (Marilith for the AD&Ders out there). This is the form which she uses to deal with other Immortals, as well as to appear to her Sindhi worshippers. Currently, this is her "default" form, the one she spends the most time in.

Saasskas also has a third form, which, though not yet a true Manifestation Form, she still uses. This form is that of a human woman with long black hair and bright blue eyes with no pupils or "whites". This form is often seen wearing a robe that is a blue so dark that it is nearly indistinguishable from black. This is Saasskas' "Saasora" form, and is used when she appears in that role.

Saasskas's Home Plane (or domain for those using Planescape)

Saasskas' home plane is a dark and dreary place. It takes the form of a vast sea with no bottom or surface. There is no light source, but the sea is not totally dark. Instead it is kept at a light level just above total darkness, allowing a sight range of around five feet.

The water is breathable without special magics, but any creature "breathing" it, including sea creatures, will suffer a prolonged nasty form of the common cold for 1d4 months after leaving the plane, giving a -1 to Constitution until a cure disease is cast on the sufferer.

Both mortal and Immortal magic work normally on this plane, with one exception. Mortal-level fire and sun based magics (AD&D: Spells from the School of Elemental Fire and from the Sphere of Sun) simply fail to function. It is recommended that DM's also use PC3: The Sea Peoples (and presumably, of Ships and the Sea, though I don't have that product) to determine the effects of being underwater on other spells.

The only place of interest in this plane is Saasskas' castle, which is located at he exact centre of the plane. This immense structure is constructed of black coral, and is an excellent example of devilfish architecture, though few mortals would recognise this. Inside the castle, globes of continual light provide light equal to normal daylight on Mystara. This is where Saasskas "hosts" the rare visiting Immortal, as well as keeps those prisoners of sufficient importance to be relocated here from the Prime.

The main inhabitants of Saasskas' home plane are devilfish and undead, as well as kraken, sea dragons, and other sea monsters who have chosen to serve Saasskas. In addition, "corrupted" versions of many creatures found on the Elemental Plane of Water can be found. Versions of most normal aquatic plants and animals, which have adapted to the environment here, can be found in addition. A few humans serve Saasskas in her castle.