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Saasskas the Destroyer

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patroness of the Devilfish (Ixitxachitl) and Death

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 17th (Celestial), CE, Entropy
Symbol: a black manta seen from above
Portfolio: destruction, conquest, necromancy, oceans, devilfish
Worshipped in: Izondian Abyss, Sea of Dread, Undersea, and everywhere where devilfish are present
Appearance: an enormous black as ink manta with keen fangs that extend from the mouth below. The second form is that of a creature with the upper half of a human woman with the deformed face because of a enormous mouth and fangs, smooth and milky skin, six muscular arms that likewise hold weapons, the nude torso that ends in a powerful and long serpent tail of white scales, with the tattoo of a black manta on her back.
History: Saasskas began her mortal life as one of the more ruthless devilfish of the seas of the south. After having guided legions of her like to raid and depredate the other underwater races for decades, succeeding finally to become a vampire (ixitxachitl) thanks to a pact with Demogorgon, and from that moment dedicated herself to the achievement of true Immortality, an goal she realised around XXIV century BC, after having sacrificed thousands of tritons on the altars situated in the oceanic depths of the Izondian Deep and made an entire triton population to migrate in fear of the terror. After a pair of centuries spent operating in the outer planes advancing the plans of Entropy, Saasskas returned to Mystara and saw that her natural enemies, the tritons, were surviving in the Sunlit Sea and had founded Undersea. She therefore appeared before her followers and exhorted them to undertake an evil crusade against the tritons of the Sunlit Sea, guiding their actions from the shadows. She also subjugated some Taymoran priests inducing them to follow the entropic cause and harass her enemies. Following the terrible natural catastrophe that sank the region in which lived the Taymorans in the Sea of Dread, Saasskas then appropriated many of the cadavers of the Taymorans and reanimated them as zombies and velya under her orders, spreading them throughout the Sea of Dread. Today Saasskas controls many hordes of undead, devilfish and pirates scattered throughout the Sea of Dread, where she is also known under the name of Panzuriel by her humanoid followers.
Personality: Saasskas is an unfaithful and far-sighted Immortal. She prefers corrupting and later exploiting all those that venture into the dark realm of her followers, and isn’t in any hurry to achieve her aims, given that she has a firm conviction in the absolute power of chaos. For it is this that the kingdom of Undersea will inevitably capitulate, and in that expectation she delights in observing the suffering inflicted on the tritons and the discord that her followers sow among the other undersea races. When finally the time is ready, she will use all the cadavers that she animated in the abysses (sailors, ancient Taymorans and underwater humanoids) to press the final assault against the hated enemies and annihilate the kingdom of Undersea.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Demogorgon]
Allies: none
Enemies: Protius, Calitha, Polonius, Gorrziok, Malafor
Alignment of followers: Chaotic
Favourite weapon: natural weapons (allowed spears and tridents)
Clerics’ skills and powers: +1 bonus to damage inflicted, +1 bonus to rolls for controlling or destroying undead
Domains: Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Death, Sea
Preferred weapon: bite
Source: PC3, WotI