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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Kna, Protector of Marine Hunters, The Squidslayer
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 14th (Celestial), N, Time
Symbol: a giant squid pierced by a trident
Portfolio: kna, prosperity through trade, underwater hunting
Worshipped in: Undersea and all Mystaran seas
Appearance: a kna (humanoid with the head of a fish and only one fin instead of feet) given of great oratory and charisma, of imposing stature (over 3m) with powerful shoulders and musculature, orange scales and a majestic, pointed, cobalt blue dorsal crest, dressed in a tunic of algae and armed with only a spear and a harpoon.
History: during his mortal existence, Sharpcrest was a hunter and kna merchant famous for his numberless battles against the octopi and giant squid. He created the first underwater caravan killing himself a giant squid and then tamed a masher (great sub aquatic worm) for transporting its carcass. Sharpcrest then accumulated an enormous fortune thanks to his merchant gifts and founded a commercial empire that stretched all over the Sunlit Sea, opening the routes of commerce to the kna race. Becoming Immortal in the Sphere of Time in the XI century AC, after having known maintaining in life his mercantile company (that stretched all over the Sunlit Sea) during different ages, now he is the patron of underwater hunters, kna and trade in general.
Personality: The negotiation skills of Sharpcrest and his good faith are still called on today in the cause of kna that are preparing to initiate a business negotiation or a journey by sea. He is an able orator and an astute negotiator for any type of negotiation, often acting as the representative of his sphere. In general he is a friendly individual even if cautious and sly, and the only declared enmity is that for those that seek to undermine the tranquillity of his followers, or Slizzark (patroness of the kopru), Saasskas (patroness of the devilfish) and Crakkak (patron of shark-kin and marine predators).
Patron: unknown [presumed: Calitha]
Allies: Malafor, Calitha
Enemies: Slizzark, Saasskas, Crakkak
Alignment of followers: followers and clerics may have any alignment
Favourite weapon: short spears (only allowed all types of dagger, trident, javelin, net and harpoon)
Clerics’ skills and powers: +1 bonus to attack rolls and to the damage inflicted when fighting against marine monsters (excluding marine humanoids), +2 bonus to one of the following general skills (chosen by cleric) haggle, appraise or train squid (not free)
Avenger and Paladins’ skills and powers: +1 bonus to attack rolls and to the damage inflicted when fighting underwater
Domains: Time, Water, Trade, Hunting
Preferred weapon: trident
Source: PC3, WotI