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Delving into my note books for spells added to my campaign that haven't yet found their way to Vaults of Pandius.

Some spells

by Colin Davidson

Take That, You Fiend is inspired by the spell of the same name in the old Flying Buffalo game Tunnels and Trolls

Take That, You Fiend! (Magic User level 1)
Range: 60'
Duration: Instantaneous
Effect: 1 bolt of energy

This spell weaponises the intelligence of the caster against a single target within range. Upon casting a searing bolt of energy flies from the casters hand, in a straight line, to a single visible target within range. That target must make a saving throw versus spells or take 1+ the casters intelligence bonus in damage, multiplied by the level of the caster (up to 10). For example if this spell is cast by a tenth level magic user with an intelligence of 17 the damage is 3x10, or 30 points of damage. A successful saving throw will half the damage inflicted. Like Magic Missile, this spell can be entirely negated by a Shield spell.

Force Barrier (Magic User level 4)
Range: 180'
Duration 1d6+ intelligence bonus rounds
Effect: An invisible barrier

This spell is identical to the higher level Force Field spell except for two important differences. (1) The duration is considerably shorter, equivalent to 1d6+ the casters intelligence bonus in rounds, and (2) the barrier can, unlike Force Field, be removed by a clerical Remove Barrier Spell.