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Tenebras Favosi

Baron of Fallsburg
2nd Circle Earth Elementalist

AC 1014

by Michael Berry

“I tell you a man's true destiny is not just breeding children, but to be free. To rule and to fight. In other words: to lead a man's existence."

I. Appearance
Tenebras is a striking and attractive man standing just over six and a half feet tall and weighing just under 200 pounds. He has long curly brown hair and brown eyes. He has striking facial features with high cheekbones and a solid jaw that inspired much admiration from the ladies at the Capital when a student at the Great School. The years of the strain have made him even more attractive giving his face a hardened weathered look that expresses a wordiness that the soft and inexperienced simply do not have.

Fully realizing his attractiveness Tenebras wears little in the way of jewelry or fancy clothes and tends to wear finely tailored but tasteful clothes that accent his attractiveness and do not tend to distract or take away from his natural charms. Tenebras tends to wear adventurers garb in muted earth colors such as brown, dark green, or his favorite color ochre yellow.

II. Personality & Quirks
Though he was of humble birth Tenebras has handled his rapid rise in Glantrian society without a problem due to his nearly unlimited self-confidence in his abilities. Favosi admires strength, both magical and physical, and despises weakness in a person. He does have a somewhat bias against women, believing women are not make to rule nor lead men, but to manage their men’s homes and raise their children. He does make somewhat of an exception for female wizards and is smart enough to keep his personal views to himself in social situations regarding his perceived place for women in Glantrian society.

Tenebras has a strong fascination with all things military and as a student of military history has read everything he can of all the great Generals in Glantri’s history. He carries himself as he might imagine a General should and with is great charisma and bravery he does inspire those under his command as well as any commander in the Grand Army. Now that he has become a Glantrian noble Tenebras is presently entertaining offers of marriage of the daughters from several prominent non-noble families. He will likely decide this year and marry and attempt to establish a line of heirs for his now noble family name.

III. History & Background
Tenebras is the only child of Edoardo and Raffaella Favosi and was born in Lizzieni in 985. His father was a officer in the Caurenze Police force. His mother had worked as a Tavern in Lizzieni. When Tenebras was born his mother stayed home to raise him full time as Edoardo made a nice, though not substantial income. Young Tenebras enjoyed nothing more as a child than watching his father and his men drill and participate in the occasional parade. Mandatory magical screenings are given to all children in Glantri at age 5 when they begin schooling. To his parent’s great shock and pleasure Tenebras was found to have a strong latent affinity for magic. Though his parents were unable to afford to send him to the Great School, they apprenticed Tenebras off to a wizard in Lizzieni who educated him. Tenebras, not caring about the social implications of being a spellcaster in Glantri, still had dreams of following his father into the Caurenzan Guard Force and developed a fascination for all things military and begged his father to be trained with weapons. However before Tenebras, would have to decide, mage or warrior and then follow his father into the Caurenze Police Force; fate intervened and sent his life in a completely different direction.

One night Edoardo was walking the beat in Lizzieni when he stumbled across a group of 3 men assaulting a elderly man. He immediately jumped in and defeated the attackers and saved the old man. The old man was a wizard that had apparently been jumped by a group of thugs. In appreciation for being saved an uncertain fate, mugging at best, death at worst the wizard offered a reward to Edoardo. Edoardo asked if there was something the wizard could do for his son who seemed very intelligent and magically talented but with little opportunity to explore his talent. The wizard agreed to meet Tenebras and after getting to spend some time with him offered to sponsor him for 5 years at the Great School of Magic in return for the debt he owed Edoardo. Though terrified and not wanting to leave his home or family Tenebras had no choice but to accept and at the age of 11 he was moved to Glantri City and was enrolled at the Great School of Magic. Though homesick and terrified of his new environment and being in classes and around the children of the elite in Glantri Tenebras adjusted well and quickly to his new environment. Tenebras, through his good looks and natural charm, made many friends and thanks to his quick intellect, affinity for magic and competent magical training prior to arriving at the Great School, made for an easy transition to the demanding studies of the school. He made so much progress and pleased the Caurenzan wizard who sponsored him, he extended his sponsorship the extra year needed for Tenebras to graduate which he did in AC 1002.

After graduating Tenebras moved back home to Lizzieni to spend some time with his parents and ponder his next move. Though now a full-fledged Glantrian Wizard Tenebras never did forgot his childhood dreams of being a great warrior and commanding troops on the field of battle. After several long talks with his father and his Caurenzan sponsor, he finally decided to pursue his dreams and a career in the military. He left for Glantri for Thyatis to enroll at the College of Lucinius (aka Collegium Arcanum), the world’s premier university for education into magical warfare. After spending two years there he graduated just as war was declared between Alphatia and Glantri (and Thyatis). After returning home Tenebras enlisted in the Grand Army and was assigned to be the Divisional Magical Officer of the newly formed 53rd Division and was assigned to Fort Monteleone.

The next year and a half was spent rigorously drilling and training the fresh troops and working on coordination between the magical and non-magical banners of the Division. Though he was able to put his education to good use, over time Tenebras started to have conflicts with his Division Commander and the Captain of the 1st (mage) Banner. Finally things came to a head in late 1006 and after a heated exchange over a difference in tactics the Division Commander requested that Tenebras be reassigned. Since most slots had already been filled in the Grand Army Divisions Tenebras was put on the inactive but subject to recall list and was discharged. There was no censure or reprimand involved but Tenebras naturally took the release as a personal failure. He returned home to Lizzieni and immediately entered a time of deep depression that lasted several months. Finally shaking out of his depression Tenebras took an offer for employment as a magist for a rich Caurenzan merchant and was working for the merchant when disaster hit Glantri in the summer of 1007 when Thar invaded the surprisingly unprepared Glantrian nation.

Unbeknownst to the Glantrians with all their attentions drawn far to the east to Alphatia and the Isle of Dawn where the Thyatian and Alphatian armies fought, the Orc King Thar had set his eyes on Glantri. Using persuasion, threats, and promises of great glory and wealth Thar amassed one of the greatest humanoid hordes in recent history from not the just Broken Lands but from all over the region. In the summer of AC 1007 Thar launched a surprise assault into Glantri but avoided the highly defended and well manned direct approaches up the Vesubian River as well as avoiding the lands of elves and instead struck to the west toward Blackhill. Though substantially increased in size, and despite having been at war for two years already, the Glantrian Army was woefully unprepared for such a massive surprise assault. The assault quickly swept through and overran Blackhill and left Caurenze with no regular Grand Army units between Caurenze and Thar. Prince Innocenti immediately ordered the conscription of all men between 18 and 49 and quickly organized them into militia banners of 240. Tenebras immediately offered his services to the Prince and was given command of the divisional equivalent of 4 banners raised in Lizzieni and told to immediately march east and make contact with Thar and stop the humanoid advance.

Fortunately for Caurenze, but unknown to all at the time, Thar had no intention of moving west and was already making moving his main units across the Red River north to strike directly at Glantri City. However the Caurenzan militia did not know this and marched east expected to face the full brunt of Thar’s legions. As they moved east along the Volnay-Lizzieni Road they came across hundreds of refugees from the east who told stories of massive numbers of humanoids and various atrocities and outright slaughter unleashed upon the people of Blackhill. They also came across numerous scouting and raiding parties that fled at the approach of the Caurenzan force. Tenebras and the other militia dispatched east finally made contact with Thar’s forces just east of Volnay which was under siege by humanoid forces. Upon arriving and seeing that Volnay was close to falling and needed immediate relief Tenebras organized a counterattack off the march and led it personally. Driven by rage and inspired by Tenebras’ courage and leadership the Caurenzan militia broke the humanoid siege line and opened the road from Lizzieni to Volnay allowing some evacuation of civilians and and imported of vitally needed supplies. When the Caurenzan forces were strong enough to break the siege and maintain the slim life line into Volnay against humanoid counterattack they were not strong enough to push the humanoids back. Vicious fighting waged to the south of Volnay where other Caurenzan militia units took up the line and attempted to push back the humanoids. All attempts also failed but did serve to halt any westward advance and protect Caurenze from the humanoids.

Tenebras remained in command of the Caurenzan forces around Volnay until the Glantrian Army coming from the north after defeating Thar at the gates of Glantri City, finally pushed the humanoids out of Blackhill and back into the western Broken Lands. Tenebras was well rewarded and honored for his inspired command and effectiveness of the troops under his command. After spending a year at the Citadel in Glanri City receiving more formal training he was to be given his own command of a GAG division but the war suddenly ended before the division was raised and thus Tenebras never got to live his dream of commanding a Glantrian Army Division. However he was rewarded for his services and was summoned before the Council of Princes and told that for his services for Caurenze and the survivors of Blackhill not to mention the town of Volnay the Council was offering him a barony being created in the Sablestone region right on the border with Sind. One that would have a very high military importance attached to it, and one the Council wanted to have as a Baron one who was a capable military leader. Tenebras accepted at once and was soon confirmed as the Baron of the new Barony which he named Fallsburg.

In the years since moving to Fallsburg, and bringing his family with him, he has dedicated every moment to improving the defenses of his Barony to prepare for any attack or invasion from the forces of Hule or allied parts of Sind to the west. After 4 years he is finally seeing the fruits of his work and is now beginning to think ahead to taking a wife and starting a family and ‘enjoying’ the fruits of his labor and enjoying the life of a wizard and noble in Glantri.

IV. Web of Intrigue
Tenebras has no particular enemies yet as he has had no interest in affairs at the Capital. His hired Spokesman has been instructed to follow House Sirecchia on all matters. Tenebras is likely thought to gain enemies when he does get more involved in the political process as he will not likely be able to contain his feelings towards women nor his thoughts about the humanoid Prince Kol and his allies.

V. Statistics & Style of Magic
Statistics: 10th Level Wizard, 2nd Circle Earth Elementalist; Str 12, Int 15, Wis 13, Dex 13, Con 12, Cha 16; AL - Neutral
Languages: Thyatian, Alphatian
Weapon Proficiencies: Staff (skilled), daggar (skilled), Sling (basic)
Skills: Alchemy (I), Alternative Magics (I), Military Tactics (I), Glantrian Politics (I), Horse Riding (Dex), Leadership (Cha), Persuasion (Cha)

Tenebras is a moderately skilled wizard with a strong base of experience in combat spellcraft. His spells are generally offensive and defensive orientated. His spells and his research are more geared to large scale combat applications that can either affect the maximum number of troops, friendly or enemy. His is a voracious student of military actions and tactics that emphasize magic.

"An overachiever if I’ve ever seen one, but no one can dispute his bravery"
(Quanil Urbaal)