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Thorf's Mapping Tools

by Thorfinn Tait

Mapping Tools by Thorfinn Tait. Some rights reserved.
All of the files linked from this thread are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.5 UK: Scotland License. You are free to use them and modify them as you like, as long as you give me appropriate credit (for example as shown above) and do not use my art work or any derivatives in a commercial product.

All files are either zipped Illustrator files (ZIP or RAR format) or PDF files compatible with the Illustrator version indicated. (To use the PDF files, just load them into Illustrator - they contain all the features and editibility of the original AI files.)

Creative Cloud links lead to the page for that file at my Creative Cloud account. Click the button above and to the right of the preview (which is often a blank white page) for download options, which include the original Illustrator AI file (CS6 format), PDF, PNG and JPG.

Note: the Creative Cloud files will always be the most up to date versions of my mapping tools. Other formats are in varying states of out-of-datedness.

Mapping Tools

Shared Mapping Tools Collection on Adobe Creative Cloud

Hex Mapping Tools

Economic & Trading Map Tools