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John Thomas Calvin is a graduate of California State University - Chico, with a double major in Computer Science and Biology. Since he cannot create monsters in real life (yet), he enjoys doing it on paper. John has been playing and writing about D&D for as long as he can remember.

A graduate student of clinical psychology, Jennifer Favia Guerra would rather study Mystara than any mainstream role-playing "therapy." A founding partner of Tome of Mystara, Jenn lives in McAllen, Texas, with her husband and cat. She often wishes that Mystara could be reached like Narnia, through the back of her wardrobe.

Geoff Gander is a graduate student of public administration living in Ottawa, Canada. He is an avid reader of fantasy, Lovecraftian horror, and science fiction, and enjoys playing and writing for the D&D Mystara gaming world. He is particularly interested in adding new cultures to Mystara, and in detailing its history. Any connection between Geoff and his more fiendish creations is purely coincidental. Honest. Trust us.

Considered to be one of the founding fathers of Mystara, Bruce Heard worked for TSR for a number of years running the product line of Mystara and the OD&D system, as well as writing a large body of work for it. He still lurks in the shadows wherever Mystara is mentioned seriously.

Jerry Hovenanian is a retail god with no delusions of grandeur what-so-ever. He enjoys surfing the net, playing RPGs with his two gaming groups, and plotting to rule the world...When he does rule the world, he will bring back Mystara and make Hardball the planetary sport of Earth. He hates writing anything and hates typing even more, but has an unholy love for Mystara which supercedes these.

The real-world Kit Navarro is half-Filipino, half-Chinese, and is from Manila, Philippines. He is a medical doctor who specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Kit is also very much in touch with his "other half," a healer-sage-scholar-priest of Thyatian-Alphatian-Ochalean descent, living in the Isle of Dawn. He is sometimes "creeped out" at how fantasy reflects reality, and how fantastic reality can be.

Carl Quaif is a civil servant living and working in London, England - home of that other great diarist, Samuel Pepys. Despite rumours to the contrary, Mr. Pepys was not Carl's English Literature teacher (hey, I'm old, but not THAT old!).

A strange fellow who fancies himself a writer, Kevin Turner lives with his wife in the huge state of Delaware. He's a founding member of the Tome of Mystara, and thoroughly enjoys spending lots of time in fantasy realms.

Tim Weiser studied Art at Temple University, graduated, and promptly found work in the retail field. Unable to escape its major gravitational pull, he remains at work to pay the bills while he pursues his artwork in what little spare time remains. This is his first attempt at fantasy artwork.

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