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A Few Words from the Editors

Welcome to the requisite point where we thank everybody and their mother for helping us get to "press"... Consider yourselves duly thanked.

There's very little way for me to say how excited I am about this project without sounding completely goofy. As an ardent lover of the world of Mystara, to see a new, living part of that world coming out every quarter is a thoroughly wonderful prospect. To be part of its creation is an honor.

There's a phrase wandering about on the Mystara Mailing List: "My Mystara." That's great for DMs and players, but I'd like to rephrase that for the Tome: "Your Mystara." This publication is all about what all of you think of our favored world. As the fans, we're the only thing keeping Mystara from disappearing completely.

So please join me in ushering in a new forum for Your Mystara. Enter the Tome of Mystara. Enjoy the ride.

- Kevin Turner

Hi, and welcome to the premier issue of Tome of Mystara e-zine!

I'm very proud to be a part of the Tome. In the effort to keep Mystara alive, I am convinced that there can never be too many forums, newsgroups, mailing lists, clubs, or web pages.

For all the strengths of Tome of Mystara, it is this of which I am most proud: Tome of Mystara accepts everyone's view of Mystara. Period. There is no "canon" here, nor is the published material held sacred. On one page, you might find an adventure which fits nicely into the TSR structure, while on the next might be a complete departure. We have been in contact with authors who have inserted entirely new continents into Mystara, and those who have expanded ancient empires into outer space. Game systems: OD&D, AD&D, GURPS, anything goes. Our commonality is our love for Mystara. But, as individuals, we can shape the world we love into anything we choose.

I hope that you truly enjoy this first issue of Tome of Mystara! It is a product of many minds and hearts, as Tome of Mystara is truly "by the reader, for the reader."

'Till next issue,

- Jennifer Favia Guerra

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