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Pyramid Down, continued


The wizard Myrrith is an imposing figure shrouded in mystery.   Were she not hunched over with apparent age, she would stand 7 feet tall.  Her arms and legs are quite thin, while her hands and feet seem to be slightly over proportioned.  Every inch of her body is covered by finely, gold embroidered clothing.  The hooded cloak she wears covers her face entirely.  Myrrith uses magical means to mask her identity as well as physical ones.  Those who try to peer beneath the folds of her cloak are met by two golden orbs suspended in sheer darkness.  

Pharaoh Sematiffir

Pharaoh Sematiffir is an ancient Eborian priest king.  Ages ago he underwent the ceremonies that removed his life essence from his physical body and placed it in magical containers.  As long as those containers remain intact, the pharaoh will exist, and will be able to inhabit any properly prepared receptacle (such as the body of a mummy).

The pharaoh rules over a small and pitiful kingdom under the Night of the Blue Sun.  He has been itching to expand his influence, and when he noticed that a lost pyramid ship was sending back signals of incredible magical power, Sematiffir saw his chance.  He sent his essence through the Eborian gateway (the ankh) and inhabited the body of the only receptacle he could find on the other side.   Unfortunately for him, the mummy he inhabited was so badly damaged in the crash, that it could only hold a small portion of his powers.

Armor Class: 2 Hit Dice: 6*** Move: 60' (20') Attacks: 1, touch or spell Damage: 1d10 + mummy rot or by spell
No. Appearing: 1 Save As: C8 Morale: 12 (10) Treasure Type: Special
Intelligence: 18 Alignment: Chaotic XP Value: 2500

Pharaoh Mummies will fight to the death (of their mummy body), especially if their life force containers are in danger.  They often have many spare mummy bodies near their containers in order to help safeguard them.  Unlike most undead, the Pharaoh Mummies enjoy ruling over living subjects.  They often do this through a remote mummy host body.  Their life force containers are rarely located near the subjects that they rule.

As long as their life force containers are intact, a Pharaoh Mummy can switch mummy bodies by casting the Pharaoh's Vessel spell.  Only one such body can be inhabited at a time however, and only non-undead mummies.  Undead mummies can not be controlled.  Two Pharaoh mummies may fight over the body of an inhabitable mummy.  Pharaoh Mummies wield clerical magic and must pray to their immortal to receive their spells.  If the mummy body is destroyed and the Pharaoh Mummy is left without any spells in reserve, it must wait until it regains its spells before inhabiting another mummy.  This could leave the Pharaoh Mummy extremely vulnerable.

Pharaoh mummies can cast any clerical spells that they possessed in life, as well as the spells Pharaoh's Vessel and Set's Will (both described below).

Items Found During the Adventure

New Spells

Pharoah's Vessel

Level: 5

Range: Unlimited range, as long as the caster can perceive the target body, and has a means to access it (either physical contact, or through a portal or gate)

Duration: Permanent, until body is destroyed or released by the caster

Effect: The caster's life essence gains control over a specially prepared (mummified) body.

This spell is given to Eborian priests of Set, who have undergone the transformation into Pharaoh Mummies.  The transformation process places their life essence into magical jar containers.  By casting this spell, the priests can move their life essence into a mummified body, and take control of it. 

Set's Will

Level: 6

Range: Unlimited range, as long as the caster can perceive the target body, and has a means to access it (either physical contact, or through a portal or gate)

Duration: Permanent

Effect: The victim is slowly mummified

This spell is granted to Eborian priests of Set who have undergone the transformation into Pharaoh Mummies, but may be learned by others who have an equally evil bend to their nature.  When the spell is cast, both the attacker and the victim make skill check rolls based on their wisdom scores.  The winner is the one who makes his check by the most points.  If the victim wins, then nothing adverse happens besides the fact that he feels a malevolent force pressing down upon him.  If the caster wins however, then the victim is slowly turned into a mummy.  Each time a successful attack is made, the victim takes 1d6 points of damage.  This damage can not be healed by normal means.  In addition, the following events occur on each successive successful attack:

  1. The victim's skin dries out and begins to flake off.
  2. The victim's skin turns leathery.  Movement is reduced by half, as are the number of attacks and defenses the victim can make.  If the victim is a spell caster, then he loses the ability to cast all level 6 and 7 spells due to his inability to move his hands and fingers properly.
  3. The victim's joints stiffen.  Movement is reduced to 1/4 normal, as are the number of attacks and defenses the victim can make.  All spells above level 4 are uncastable.
  4. Eyes drop into their sockets, and the victim looses his sight.  All spells above level 1 are uncastable.
  5. The victim can no longer cast spells.  Upon each successive attack hereafter the victim looses the abilities of one more sense (hearing, smell, taste, touch, and any demi-human abilities).

If the victim loses all of his hit points due to the attacks of this spell, he dies and becomes a 2HD mummy, capable of being inhabited by the Eborian priest.  Each of the adverse effects of the spell can be healed by a cleric of equal or greater level that the priest who cast the spell.  That cleric must make a wisdom check (as above) against the Eborian priest's wisdom check in order for the healing attempt to succeed.  Only one attack can be made against a single individual per day.  Likewise, several healing spells must be made in order to fully cure a victim of the effects of this spell.   One healing attempt may be made each day, with a successful attempt restoring one level of abilities (listed above).

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This adventure and all related material copyright 1999 John T. Calvin. All rights reserved. Used by permission.