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The Swanamutu Lands

by John Calvin

The lands of Skothar have always lingered in the dreams of those who dwell in the Old World. Thyatian and Alphatian merchants bring goods from Skothar to market on rare occasions, whetting appetites for more. Now you shall have what you desire. The time has long since past that we should pay a visit to these strange and wondrous lands... and that my friend, is just what we are going to do.

[Note: There is a Tangor map that can be used in conjunction with the tour, here.]

Dawn - Three merchant ships head into port at the city state of Akuba. With their backs against the rising sun they berth at the docks and begin to unload goods from the sunken isles and further west. Soon they shall return from whence they came, laden with the treasures of Swanamutu.

Mask - Travel through the Tangor chain is hard and treacherous, and many of the inhabitants can be downright deadly. Many tribes of goblins make their homes in the mountains and outlying areas. This dark, polished, wooden mask is one of their ceremonial ornaments.

Demonette - Those that survive the challenges of the region however, may be rewarded with a treasure beyond compare - the company of the fair inhabitants of Lamu. Whether they let you leave (or live) to tell the tale is another matter entirely.

Monument - A lone monument sits precariously between the Elo goblins and the men of Durhan. Inhabitants of neither nation will approach the black tower, saying that it is a cursed place occupied by the spirits of those long dead.

Tangor - Durhan is inhabited by a sturdy brand of people. They are always vigilant concerning their neighbors to the west and southeast.

Idol - A polished wooden idol. Possibly a representation of a fertility goddess.

Hivebrood - The land of Cymru is the stuff of nightmares. Hideous insectoid creatures rule over these lands, using human slaves for their dark and unspeakable practices. The countryside is dotted with towering mounds of dirt and clay, all of them abuzz with ant like activity.

Mask 2 - Lleweryn is a dark jungle which harbors numerous goblinoid tribes. A tribe of degenerate Tangor live there as well. They call themselves the Cymrians, the Dark Seed, and they are savage and brutal.

Stronghold - This is a typical trading post located along a river in the Tangor jungle. Many of these such structures exist as dual purpose trading posts and military strongholds. The soldiers stationed within keep the local area free of monstrous incursions and allow merchants to ply their trade without fear of death.

Mask 3 - The Tangor Empire is a vast and sophisticated nation, but the inhabitants still hold close to their ancestral roots. There are many holidays when warriors will dance in the streets wearing the masks of the ancients.

Mask 4 - An ancient queen of Tangor was buried in this ceremonial mask. Legends tell that the mask has the power to bring the dead back into the lands of the living, but none of this time dare to test its powers.

Lighthouse - We end our journey at a lonely stone lighthouse on Tangor's coast. Its light guides merchant vessels safely through reef filled waters. Soon we will return home laden with treasures beyond price...tales of the Swanamutu lands.

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