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The Undersea AC 1015

by Aaron Nowack

Undersea was once a haven for good and a light of civilisation under the waves. However, in 1009 AC, Undersea collapsed before the overwhelming might of the devilfish and treachery from within. Now, Undersea is the home of dark powers, a place where weresharks and undead swim in the daylight, masters of all they survey.


Most buildings in the great city that was Smaar no longer stand. The main exception to this is Queen Tarova's former palace. The coral of the castle has now died, and has turned black, almost in mockery of its former shining colour. The tallest towers of the palace have fallen, and the water around the palace is now dark and cold, despite its shallow depth. The Great Temple of Manawra is now desecrated and home to dark rituals in which the devilfish sacrifice triton to Saasskas. In the Citadel of Magic, devilfish sorcerers plunder the collected knowledge of centuries of triton, corrupting the magics they find to their own purposes.

From this dread citadel, Caxctiou (Triton Cleric 18 and Veyla) rules as king of Undersea. However, most of the power lies in the hands of his devilfish "adviser", Daannshir (Devilfish Patriarch).

The Rest of Undersea

In the rest of Undersea, small bands of triton struggle to survive, and servants of Saasskas have set themselves up as Barons. They are as follows:

Lucrectius, Baron of Soudege (Triton Mage 12 and Wight)

One of the wights created by Caxctiou, Lucrectius was awarded this barony for his service in the war against Undersea.

Darius, Baron of Werea (Triton Cleric 8 and Wereshark)

Darius is the son of the old Baroness, who was infected with lycanthropy during the war. Needless to say, he now gets his spells from Saasskas, not Manawra.

Drazlik, Baron of Easa (Kopru 14, Wicca 12)

Drazlik was loyal to Undersea... until it began to lose. He then offered his services to the devilfish, and was granted this barony.

Margia, Baroness of Nortens (Triton Cleric/Mage 10 and Wereshark)

Margia was the commander of Kitas' armies, and lead their treachery. She has since seized control of her former liege's barony.

Kaarasa, Baroness of Soua (Devilfish Matriarch)

Kaarasa was the leader of the invasion. She is the true power behind the throne, as Daannshir takes his orders from her.

Conda Darklover, Baroness of Trasar (Merrow 10, Shaman 3)

Conda was once known as Deepdiver, but on one of her voyages into the depths, something happened to her, and she returned a Shaman of Saasskas. When this was discovered, she was given her current epithet, and cast out of her tribe.

Jalian, Baron of Clargars (Triton Cleric/Mage 7)

One of the triton who refused to go on Juliast's exodus, Jalian is cooperating with the devilfish to give what protection he can to the surviving triton. He is also the secret head of the Coral Guard (see below). Clargars is a haven for the various triton resistance groups.

Naitoxu, Baron of Calitar (Triton Cleric 12 and Veyla)

Naitoxu was one of the triton who was captured with Caxctiou. He has succeeded him as Baron.

The Merrow Tribes

Many merrow tribes followed the triton on their exodus, but more tribes choose to remain. Few of those tribes still survive. Those that live are either hunted fugitives living a subsistent existence, or they have allied themselves with the devilfish to survive.

The Sharkin

The sharkin are by now extinct on the outer world.

Deep Water Pool of the Kna

The Kna now suffer the majority of devilfish attacks. This has forced them to stop attacks on Minrothad, as they concentrate their force on survival.

The Sea Giants

Most Sea Giants were killed in the wars. Those who survive are solitary warriors fighting a hopeless fight against the devilfish.

The Aquarendi

The Aquarendi remain in their villages around Alfeisle. However, they know the wrath of the devilfish will reach them soon, and have begun to prepare for their defence.

The Coral Guard

Taking its name from Undersea's elite force, this resistance group is the most powerful. Its members include triton, merrow, Aquarendi, and even a few Kna. They have several safe houses in the Aquarendi waters as well as more in the Barony of Clargars.