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Current links

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The Atlas of Mystara has been redesigned, some Mystaran maps are also on his broader mapping page Thorfinn Tait Cartography

Il Mondo di Mystara. Large interactive map of Mystara.

Mystara map an interactive world map of Mystara.

Specularum. OSR Resource.

Wings Over Mystara.

QuantumEFX's Archive - Dragonfoot Archive of useful Mystara stuff

The Fortified City of Karoath. A website based upon a campaign city in Minrothad.

Heroes Only.

Mystaran Heraldry.

Non-English links

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Dungeons & Dragons Mystara: Pagina Italiana di D. Marco's pages in Italian.

Ducato di Halag. In Italian, with some parts in English.

Min D&D-kampagne. Full description of a campaign with all the characters being human wizards attending The Great School during the Wrath of the Immortals. In Danish.

Il Regno del Norwold. In Italian.

Inactive links

KBKB. In Japanese.

ruines' French Mystaraean homepage. Has some information from his campaign including a description of Drüt Island in the Sea of Dread. In French.

D&D Mystara selon Tharquil. With information on the Gazetteer series. In French.


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About Bruce Heard and New Stories.

The DarkElf007 Gaming Blog.

Lamentations in Mystara.

Valiant They Were.

Grundobad Games.

Thorn's Chronicle.

Melestrua's Musings.

Havard's Blackmoor Blog.

42 Rolls of Duck Tape - RPGs, History, and Cartography.

BECMI posts from The Other Side.

The Lair. D&D Blog about Random Encounter Tables, New Monsters and Variants, New Magic Items, etc. Has an OSR D&D focus.

Breath of Mystara.

Rainbow Dice blog: OSR Creations & Contemplations.

Urt's Outer Skin.

Peregriadoc's Journal - the diary of Mr. Peregriadoc, halfling adventurer from the Five Shires.

Mystara Campaign Journal.

Adventures in Thunder Rift.

Grubb Street blog: Mystara Redux and Why I left TSR.

From the Raven's Quill contains new Mystaran material amongst other things.

Entire Party Killed.

Fantastic Adventures From Brian DiTullio.

Virtual Table Topping: Campaign logs and discussions around D&D Next, Roll20 and other role-playing topics.

Gaming on the Precipice. See in particular the BX and Mystara tags.

Mystara posts from Dreams in the Lich House.

Savage Coast - requiem of a curse.

From the Journal of Trevelyn Gravie, an account of the OD&D Adventures of Trevelyn Gravie, Priest of the Church of Traldar.

Campaign Journals and Games

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Agathokles' Karameikos Campaign.

Thunder Rift: A Land of Adventure.

Forging a Kingdom, the newly formed Grand Duchy of Karameikos, 971 AC

A new D&D game blog called Play-by-Comment that's going to be set in Mystara.

Night's Dark Terror.

Inactive links

The Threshold Party Homepage. Campaign journal.

Relocated Pages

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Mystara.Fr - The Fellowship of the RPG

Mystara's Map Navigator

The Boldavian Prince

Non-active links

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Mystara 3E Homepage.

strawberryJAMM's Mystara Files.

Mystara Character Generator. Create characters with interesting backgrounds with a Mystaran flavour.

The World of Mystara. Inside you will find a current project of Gazatteers, Character Creation, and links to TSR's basic product line.

Borigon Mystara.

Scales of War / Mystara Conversion Notes.

The Mystara Resource Trove

The Blackmoor Era.

The Known World Gazetteer.

The FNN Home Page.

Classic Campaigns.

The Principality of Virgaard.

The Mystara Resource Trove.

D&D Character Sheets.

The Known World. Cthulhudrew's homepage.

Mystara Online. A page where other products have been converted to Mystara including Monstrous Arcana and the Rod of Seven Parts.

Mystara. Agathokles homepage with a bit of new stuff and some campaign related material.

Set in Mystara. The operations of Set in Mystara.

The Norse Mystara Campaign. Some general information and lots of interesting information from the campaign.

Neal Daskal's Dungeons and Dragons homepage. Includes a program which automates War Machine Rules for the module X10.

Mystara. The Arcanum of Mystara. Contains some new information.

Jan Hogel. Homepage of Jan Hogel, Viscount of Bergen.

Inactive links

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Dungeons & Dragons Review Guide. A review site with some really in-depth looks at Mystara and OD&D products.

GPD Index. These pages present the masters and mavens, the movers and shakers, the noteworthy and the notorious characters from the Principalities of Glantri. Everything from their obnoxious habits, their treacherous intrigues, their secret powers, to their dangerous liaisons are all detailed here by the Glantrian Personnel Division.

Twilight of the Dawn: option 1 or option 2. A 3E Mystara campaign setting by Andrew Theisen.

Mystara Homepage. Marco Dalmonte's Mystara homepage. (also here)

Basic & Expert Dungeon Master Tools. Since it's on the Wayback Machine, the tool no longer functions.

Paparazzi Glantri.

The Lighthouse. Lots of new material bringing Mystara into 3E. Also has a discussion board.

Classic D&D and the Mystara Weather Applet.

Corliss Enterprises, Ltd. Providing guides to the citizens of Mystara.

Savage Coast. A web page devoted to the Savage Coast.

Birchbeer (DJ Hartel) maps.

The Chronicles of Mystara. A D&D 3rd Edition campaign.

Dungeons and Dragons Classic Edition.

My(stara's) Little Ponies: Friendship is Adventuring Stories Page: a crossover series which combines My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with the D&D World of Mystara. - character portraits of the Karameikan royal family (circa AC1000).

Mercies Auction House - Our auctions provide the most wondrous items for the best prices. Quite cool, a bit odd.

Fahvarim's Lorebook. Lots of new spells and items.

The Savage Coast, Tristan Dunigan's website.

Solmyr's Portal to Mystara. Home of Solmyr, Archmage of the Azure Star. Aleksei Andrievski's homepage including articles he has written.

Arastor's Fantasy Pages. Contains some maps of Mystara in CC2 and JPG.

The Mystara Sphere. A page expanding on Mystaraspace.

Brizios HomePage. Contains the diary of a shadow elf and a number of other interesting files mainly on Shadow Elves.

Master of the Desert Nomads Home Page. Information on the Master of the Desert Nomads PBeM RPG.

The Principality of Mysteria. With lots of information including a different PWA 1014 and 1015.

MARCUS' English Mystaran homepage. Has some information from his campaign including a description of Drüt island in the Sea of Dread.

Mystara: The Druid's Grove. Contains some interesting information on druids and some new druid spells.

Mystara Map Links Page.

Phreak Out!!!. Contains the Diary of Benekander.

Mystara: Land of Immortals. A Survey of the Attitudes of Sigil's Factions to the Immortal Guardians of Mystara.

Pach's Mystara Page. A random encounter table for the Thothian Escarpment and a calendar.

Project Blackmoor: Uther, Once and Always. Something that will be a series of tracts concerning the resurrection of Blackmoor in Mystara.