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101 Adventure Ideas Involving Bargle the Infamous

by Sean Meaney

1. The Job preAC1010

Fine and upstanding monster hunters to seek and capture a werewolf plaguing the village of Luln and deliver it to Fort Doom. Remuneration of one thousand Gold Royals value will be made. Deliveries made to Bargle the Wizard.

DM Briefing: What they wont hear is that the werewolf is one of Bargle's Apprentices and he doesn't really want to go back, The entire Affair is designed to cause pain and suffering in the village of Luln, and the PCs are going to be paid one TUN of poor quality wine (value 1000gp if they are lucky)

2. A Delivery of Wine (pre AC1010)

"Well this here shipment goes to a Wizard in the Black Eagle Barony named Bargle." The wine merchant got Stephan to sign for it.
"Should take a week..." Stephan nodded his head. A simple delivery job. Easy coin.

DM Briefing: The PC's are paid a hundred coin to deliver a wagonload of wine to Fort Doom. Unfortunately the Black Blades (Traladarans out for vengeance against Bargle) have other plans. They intend to kill the PCs and handle the shipment themselves having added a suitable poison to the wine.

3. A letter in the Mail

"Good Sir, we have journeyed far to deliver this letter on behalf of Nevone the Wizard to your Lord Furlan." Franz handed over the Letter and waited for a reply from Lord Furlan's Aide.
"If you would wait in that room there. Food and drink shall be brought." Manservant Dalwith indicated the small room near the busy kitchen.
Cheap wine and sandwich loaves stuffed with meats, herbs and cheeses were soon served.
Franz and his companions took in the feast for an hour before drifting off.
Dalwith returned, the contents of the Letter on his mind: Dispose of those who deliver this letter and you shall be granted favours of great worth from Bargle the Wizard.
"Move them to the Dungeon. Lord Furlan intends to question them."

DM Briefing: The PCs are hired by Bargle (in disguise) to deliver a letter. The letter is to a nasty lord somewhere in the Kingdom. The Letter is the PC's Death warrant.