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by John Calvin

I've been working on the Shimmering Lands map for a while now, so I thought I'd throw some other borders out there to try and get a sense of where everyone is at.

I haven't placed the giant kingdoms in yet. Urzud is also not marked, although they probably send raiding parties through Glantri and Ethengar (elven territory), and may possibly have strongholds as far south as Darokin/Alfheim. The Kopru Dominarchy is also not marked - their domain is centred around the Isle of Dread (although portions of the Dominarchy may actually overlap some of the lands seen here).

Where should the giants go?
Should any of these borders be altered or expanded? If not, then who or what fills the unclaimed territories between Taymora and the northern nations (if anything)?

- updated coastlines on IoD using Thorf's TM2 trail map as a guideline
- added in borders for pirates, the human kingdom near Mogreth, extended Mogreth out to Redstone, and created a border for the "Gandhar" giants
- added labels for Urzud, Antalians, and possibly northern giants of IoD as place markers (even though their actual territory is off map)

I'm not sure how much territory the Gandhar (or whatever we will call them) giants will take. For now I've marked all the way from Rockhome to the shores of Thyatis. There are also still empty areas between the M-Inca and Taymora, and in the Alfheim region.